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This article is about the in-game faction. For for its history, see Gnomeregan (nation). For other uses, see Gnomeregan (disambiguation).
Gnome Crest.png
Main leader IconSmall Mekkatorque.gif Gelbin Mekkatorque
Secondary leaders IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Tinkmaster Overspark
IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Kelsey Steelspark
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Nevin Twistwrench
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Hann Ibal
Race(s) GnomeGnome Gnome
Capital Gnomeregan
Base of operations New Tinkertown
Quartermaster IconSmall Gnome Female.gif Master Tinker Trini
Notable reward(s) IconSmall Mechanostrider.gif Mechanostrider mounts
Tabard Gnomeregan Tabard.jpg

Gnomeregan (formerly known as Gnomeregan Exiles)[1] is the faction of gnomes who were exiled from their home, Gnomeregan, in Dun Morogh. They have since reclaimed their city in an event known as Operation: Gnomeregan.

A member of the Alliance, many gnomes are located in the Tinkertown section of the neighboring city Ironforge. They have also set up near the gates of their still-irradiated city, where they have started a settlement named New Tinkertown.


The zones of Dun Morogh, Stonetalon Mountains, Thousand Needles, Tanaris, and Blasted Lands offer many quests for gaining reputation with Gnomeregan.

The  [Gnomeregan Tabard] may be purchased from the Gnomeregan Quartermaster, Master Tinker Trini[55.5, 47.2], located in the The Great Forge, Ironforge or Rillie Spindlenut[76.4, 19.6] located in the Argent Tournament Grounds, Icecrown. The tabard can be used to champion Gnomeregan.

Reputation can also be gained by competing in the Argent Tournament (requires level 80) or by turning in Gnomeregan Writ of Commendations from the Molten Front (requires level 85).

Exalted with Gnomeregan is one of the requirements for achieving the title of Alliance Ambassador.


At revered reputation, Master Tinker Trini sells a unique 16-slot bag.

At exalted reputation, Master Tinker Trini sells level 35 cloaks, and non-Gnome Alliance races are able to purchase and ride IconSmall Mechanostrider.gifMechanostrider mounts (Gnomes can ride mechanostriders regardless of faction reputation). Gnomeregan mechanostriders are bought from Milli Featherwhistle northeast of Kharanos in Dun Morogh[56.2, 46.2]. Regular mechanostriders are available starting at level 20, with turbo mechanostriders available at level 40.

Item Cost Type
Revered  [Gnomeregan Satchel] 10s Bag
Exalted  [Mantle of Gnomeregan] 1g 90s 31c Cloak
 [Cape of Gnomeregan] 1g 89s 60c Cloak
 [Shroud of Gnomeregan] 1g 88s 86c Cloak
(for non-Gnome members of the Alliance)
 [Blue Mechanostrider] 1g Mount
 [Green Mechanostrider] 1g Mount
 [Unpainted Mechanostrider] 1g Mount
 [Red Mechanostrider] 1g Mount
 [Swift Yellow Mechanostrider] 10g Mount
 [Swift Green Mechanostrider] 10g Mount
 [Swift White Mechanostrider] 10g Mount

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Renamed from Gnomeregan Exiles to Gnomeregan.


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