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This article is about the gnomish nation of the Alliance. For other uses, see Gnomeregan (disambiguation).
Gnome Crest
Main leader IconSmall Mekkatorque King Gelbin Mekkatorque
  Formerly IconSmall Gnome Male King Mechagon
Secondary leaders IconSmall Erazmin Prince Erazmin
IconSmall Gnome Male Tinkmaster Overspark
IconSmall Gnome Male Commander Nevin Twistwrench
  Formerly IconSmall Gnome Male Sicco Thermaplugg
Race(s) GnomeGnome Gnome
Mechagon mechagnomeMechagon mechagnome Mechagon mechagnome
Capital Gnomeregan & Mechagon City
Other major settlements New Tinkertown, Tinker Town, Rustbolt
Base of operations Toshley's Station
Fizzcrank Airstrip
Sub-group(s) Gnomeregan's military,
Gnomeregan's organizations
Affiliation Alliance
  Formerly Alliance of Lordaeron
Status Healthy
Tabard Gnomeregan Tabard

Gnomeregan, formerly known as the Gnomeregan Exiles, is a nation of gnomes and a member state of the Alliance. Once a kingdom[1][2] based in their capital city of Gnomeregan, the gnomes have since resorted to democratically electing their High Tinkers. Under the leadership of current High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque, the gnomes lost their capital city and sought refuge within the neighbor allied dwarven city of Ironforge, where they have remained until the launch of Operation: Gnomeregan. Still in the process of retaking their ancient home, they are now based in New Tinkertown while still engaging in major Alliance operations across the globe and beyond.

The nation later reunited with their brethren, the mechagnomes of Mechagon after Prince Erazmin aided in saving Mekkatorque's life. Electing to merge societies, rather than work as partners, Erazmin ceded leadership of the mechagnomes to Gelbin; dubbing him the true successor of King Mechagon as the first King of the gnomes since the now defeated tyrant. With this, the gnomes and mechagnomes both live within Mechagon City as a united people.


Early history[]

Originally, when some of Watcher Mimiron's first mechagnomes left Uldaman under the effects of the Curse of Flesh, they dwelt in mountain caves in Dun Morogh. Focusing purely on survival and expanding their technological knowledge, the early gnomes eschewed any form of record-keeping and thus forgot their heritage.[3] When the transformed earthen from Uldaman, now being fleshy creatures called dwarves, arrived in Khaz Modan, they discovered the gnomes in their mountain caverns. Enthralled by their technological knowledge, and sensing a kinship between the two species, the dwarves aided the gnomes in carving into the stony foothills in western Dun Morogh thus laying the foundations for what would later become the marvelous subterranean techno-city of Gnomeregan.[4][5]

Based in Gnomeregan, the gnome kingdom was founded and evolved in seemingly eternal industrialization. The alliance between the gnomish and dwarven kingdoms proved highly beneficial for both parties, as they were sharing the resources of Dun Morogh and in unison improved their mechanical constructs. 400 years ago[6] King Mechagon of Gnomeregan led his followers in search of a mystical land of technology. He left no clues where he was headed and over time his legend faded into history.[7] The kingdom have not had kings or queens ever since,[6] turning into a democracy run by an elected High Tinker.

Second War and aftermath[]

During the Second War, the Orcish Horde from Draenor would continue their successful invasion of Stormwind City in the First War and push north into Khaz Modan. After losing territory, King Magni Bronzebeard called for the aid of Gnomeregan. The gnomes answered the call and the two races pooled their resources to establish defensive positions across Khaz Modan. Despite this, the defenders of Khaz Modan couldn't stop the orcish army.[8] The Horde pushed longer into Dun Morogh and besieged both Ironforge and the city of Gnomeregan, but were held off at both places by the ingenuity of the gnomish inventors, whose booby traps and rigged explosives claimed many orcish lives while Gnomeregan itself was shielded by an impenetrable iron gate. Eventually, after weeks of fruitless siege, Horde warchief Orgrim Doomhammer called off the attacks and ordered the main army to move on to do battle with the humans in Lordaeron. He ordered Kilrogg Deadeye and the Bleeding Hollow clan to stay behind in Khaz Modan to ensure that no gnome would leave Gnomeregan and keep the dwarves occupied at Ironforge, hoping that Kilrogg would eventually conquer the two cities while the warchief handled the armies of Lordaeron.[8]

However, the Defense of Gnomeregan and Ironforge held off the orcs long enough for Supreme Commander Anduin Lothar to attack the Bleeding Hollow clan from behind, liberating both the dwarves and gnomes who announced their full support for the Alliance of Lordaeron's cause.

The gnome nation would be represented at Alliance meetings through the Ironforge dwarf delegate.[citation needed]  Gnomeregan provided invaluable support in weaponry, vehicles like submarines, flying machines, and energetic troops in the Alliance war effort. In many ways they mirrored the inventive goblins of the Horde, and these technological battles would spark a racial rivalry that has survived to this day.

In the aftermath of the war, the victorious allied nations helped each other rebuild, but King Magni was irritated with the long pace it took for Ironforge workers to reach Stormwind and requested a faster solution from Azeroth's most esteemed engineer at the time, Gelbin Mekkatorque. Mekkatorque, in his office at Sector 17 prepared the schematics for the Deeprun Tram, a subterranean train traveling from the Tinker Town in Ironforge to Stormwind City. Even after completion gnomes would work on it daily to keep it running.[9]

At some point before the Third War, the Gnomeregan electorate chose Gelbin Mekkatorque as their new High Tinker. Meanwhile, Mekkatorque's best friend, Sicco Thermaplugg, worked up the system and gained favor among the intellectual elite, eventually winning the seat of advisor to his friend, the High Tinker. A brooding but imaginative engineer, he served as Mekkatorque's chief advisor for many years, continuing to covet the role of High Tinker with jealousy that would slowly eat away his sanity.[6]

Third War[]

Gnomeregan TCG

Entrance to Gnomeregan, capital city of gnomes.

Prior to the beginning of the Third War, Mekkatorque and Thermaplugg had designed a prototype of the dwarven siege engine, should another war arise. The gnomes continued to provide technological aid to their allies abroad in the beginning of the Third War, fighting against enemies in Lordaeron.

However, on the onset of the Third War,[10] when the kingdom of Lordaeron fell to the Scourge,[11] the dwarven digging operations around Uldaman awoke the brutish troggs, which were attracted to the gnomish machinery and built tunnels to emerge from the deep underground, breaching the lowest reaches of Gnomeregan.[11] Unprepared for the trogg invasion, Mekkatorque withdrew his troops fighting for the Alliance cause to instead help rescue their homeland, temporarily seceding his nation from the Alliance. In order to avoid drawing troops from the important battle with the Scourge in the north, he decided to keep the Gnomeregan crisis a secret to the other allied nations, defending his city alone.

For five years, the gnomes fought the troggs but were overrun. The troggs simply dug around their defenses and breached into their engineering quarters. Mekkatorque's friend and advisor Sicco Thermaplugg's secret obsession with becoming High Tinker had gotten to the point of no return. Thermaplugg devised a plan to eradicate the entire city, planning to kill thirty percent of the population with a gas and framing it on Mekkatorque. Knowing very well the heavy cost of lives it would have, but lied to the High Tinker that he had tested the radiation levels of the gas claiming to have evidence of its terminal effects on the troggs, and had shown Gelbin falsified numbers on its density and volumetric weight. According to Thermaplugg's calculations, the gas should have stayed in the quarantined thoroughfares and lower sections of Gnomeregan, poisoning the invaders as they emerged from the depths while the gnomes waited safely sealed away in the upper urban tunnels, kept away from the population by Thermaplugg's Kleen Wind Domiclic Filters.

Gelbin Cut Short

Gelbin Mekkatorque, High Tinker of Gnomeregan, armed with Wrenchcalibur.

The urgency to deal with the invasion, and the confidence his trusted friend showed made Mekkatorque agree to the desperate attempt proposed by his advisor, and ordered the gnomes to open the pressure valves of their giant, grinding machines and released toxic radiation throughout the lower levels of the city, believing it was the best course of action.[12]

Gelbin Mekkatorque could only watch as the plan failed catastrophically, and Thermaplugg too was surprised that his gas was way deadlier than he had anticipated. Rather than securing the death of the troggs, most shambled through the gas, becoming enraged and some were even empowered by it.[13] The filters failed, going straight through them into the homes of Gnomes, killing them as they waited in their homes thinking they were safe.[12] Nearly eighty percent of the gnomish race died within days.[14][15]

Mekkatorque's attempt at rescuing the city proved futile, leading to the tragic downfall of Gnomeregan and its people. Unable to take any more deaths or hold back the Troggs, Mekkatorque swallowed his pride and led the surviving gnome population to seek refuge in Ironforge with their old dwarven allies. King Magni Bronzebeard granted them asylum and cleared out the entire Tinker Town district of his city for them to reside in,[16] which Mekkatorque was already familiar with because of his previous work with the Deeprun Tram. The rest of the Alliance learned the reason for the gnomes' absence in the Third War and welcomed them back into the Alliance with condolences.

World of Warcraft[]

WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Tinker Town of Ironforge, gnome refuge and temporary home.

With the ruling council of the gnomes reunited in Ironforge inside the Tinker Town-district, the gnomes debated on their next course of action. Some advocated retaking Gnomeregan immediately, but Mekkatorque declined in favor of supporting the Alliance,[17] and sent gnomes to Alliance battlegrounds all across Azeroth.[18]

A few loyal gnomes still left in Gnomeregan fought desperately to keep the troggs at bay. Their ruler, thought by certain gnomes to have abandoned them, eventually sent a rescue force of adventurers on a recon mission.

Thermaplugg's treachery was only discovered after the evacuation when Thermaplugg apparently remained behind, and the details of his underhanded plans slowly became public.[15][19] Thermaplugg locked himself away in the deepest reaches, taking in the irradiation along with much of the gnomish population. While Mekkatorque originally assumed his former friend had perished, voyages and observations of the city proved otherwise, as well as revealing the disturbing fate of some of the gnomes who were left behind. Those who survived mutated into horrific, mindless, evil-doing leper gnomes,[20] including Sicco Thermaplugg himself. The disease warping their minds, which led to a now mutated and insane Thermaplugg taking over the leper gnomes, ruling them with an iron fist of madness.

Thermaplugg was branded a traitor and sentenced to death. A band of heroes took up the mission to kill him and returned with a tale of victory, but after analyzing the claim, Mekkatorque realized that the mechanized overlord defeated in the depths of the city was likely nothing more than a cleverly engineered facsimile of Thermaplugg.[21] It became clear that retaking Gnomeregan would take more than just a small team, rather a large force of Gnomish and Alliance might. Mekkatorque, who had been High Tinker for 7 years at this point,[22] continued to devise a plan as the years passed, watching as his people's seclusion slowly dissipated as his people intermingled with other members of the Alliance.[23]

The Burning Crusade[]

Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Toshley's Station

Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge Mountains.

Gnomes of Gnomeregan lead by Toshley were sent to aid the Alliance in the Invasion of Outland. They settled in Sylvanaar in the Blade's Edge Mountains, but their machinery quickly got unpopular with their night elven hosts, and so they left to establish Toshley's Station close by. Razak Ironsides and his Roughriders were set in charge of defending the station from herds of ravagers.

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Gnomes of Gnomeregan lead by Fizzcrank Fullthrottle set up Fizzcrank Airstrip in the Borean Tundra of Northrend, helping the Valiance Expedition establish a forward base. However, most gnomes in the airstrip would shift their attention to protecting themselves from the mechagnome called Gearmaster Mechazod who intended to transform all of them into pure mechanical beings, removing their Curse of Flesh.

Ambrose Boltspark lead a delegation of Gnomeregan representatives in the Argent Tournament.

Operation: Gnomeregan[]


Operation: Gnomeregan recruitment poster.

Prior to the Cataclysm, Mekkatorque launched Operation: Gnomeregan, an assault on Gnomeregan in an effort to liberate the gnomes' lost capital with help from the Alliance. The Gnomeregan exiles were priming their forces at Steelgrill's Depot, the staging grounds for the Gnomeregan offensive and the production site of the gnome's mechano-tanks. After the preparations were made, Gelbin led a full assault to wrest control of Gnomeregan's airfield, surface command post, and ultimately underwent a raid into the tunnels of lower Gnomeregan. Despite the Gnomeregan exiles' best efforts to reclaim their techno-city, Sicco Thermaplugg detonated a radiation bomb in the city; forcing Mekkatorque's forces to hastily teleport to the surface to escape the re-irradiated city. It was a successful first maneuver, but there will be much more bloodshed before the entirety of the gnomeland is liberated. In the ongoing effort to reclaim Gnomeregan from Sicco Thermaplugg and his twisted cohorts, the gnomes have carved out a tenuous foothold in New Tinkertown, near the techno-city's gates.[24]

After having secured a large portion of the techno-city, Mekkatorque ventured into his own old office at Sector 17 only to be lured into a trap by his arch-nemesis. However, Mekkatorque outsmarted Thermaplugg cutting the latter in half. A barely surviving Thermaplugg escaped the sector and Mekkatorque walked back out with restored hope.


Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

After the Cataclysm, Gnomeregan had turned into a constant war zone between the Gnomeregan Exiles and the leper gnomes. Led by Nevin Twistwrench, young adventurous gnomes would assist the S.A.F.E.-organization in reclaiming parts of the city like the Old Dormitory, and trying to force all of Thermaplugg's forces out, including killing of one of Thermaplugg's most important lieutenants - Razlo Crushcog.[25] While thankful for the generosity of the dwarves for providing the gnomes shelter in time of need, the gnomes were now trying to once again seek independence from the kingdom of Ironforge, but it would prove difficult without the dwarven priests and paladins, especially when trying to cure the radiation of leper gnomes and thus the nation of Gnomeregan adopted the faith in the Light.

The Gnomeregan Covert Ops dealt with both the nearby Frostmane threat of Dun Morogh, and also sent Kelsey Steelspark all the way to Gadgetzan, to negotiate trade agreements with Marin Noggenfogger between Gadgetzan and Gnomeregan.

High King of the Alliance Varian Wrynn invited Gelbin Mekkatorque to represent Gnomeregan at a meeting in Darnassus and deliver their vote whether or not the kingdom of Gilneas should be accepted into the Alliance.[26] Gnomeregan voted to accept Gilneas into the Alliance.

Some time ago at the end of the Third War, the gnome Fizzle Brassbolts had traveled to Kalimdor on his own personal initiative to meet with the goblins and settle the old goblins versus gnomes dispute - by setting up a raceway in the Thousand Needles together with the rival goblin Pozzik. Now, Fizzle's team on the Speedbarge would finally officially be considered representatives from the nation of Gnomeregan. They now participate in water races sponsored by MEGA.[27]

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

A.C.E. were sent to join the Alliance war effort on Pandaria, rivaling the Bilgewater S.H.A.R.K.

After the catastrophic Attack on Theramore Isle, Gelbin was once again at the High King's table helping with a strategy to counter the Horde.[28]

Tinkmaster Overspark was a high-ranking Gnomeregan representative in the Alliance Operation: Shieldwall who also took part in the Siege of Orgrimmar, along with Mekkatorque himself who arrived in the Underhold to fight War Master Kragg and the Kor'kron guards. After the defeat of Garrosh Hellscream, Gelbin was invited to attend his trial at the Temple of the White Tiger.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Dun Morogh was invaded by the Burning Legion and the Gnomeregan Covert Ops were among the defenders.

With the events about to unfold on the Broken Shore, High Tinker Mekkatorque commanded his people to get outfitted and ready for battle — any way they know how, leading to the creation of gnomish hunters.[29] Mekkatorque and a contingent of Gnomeregan Tinkerers accompanied Varian Wrynn's vanguard on the assault on the Broken Shore. Mekkatorque fought at the Broken Shore in his own steam armor and used it to call in air support from the Alliance gunship Skyfire at the High King's command. During the Battle for the Broken Shore, the Alliance forces were left vulnerable by the Horde's unexpected retreat. The Alliance tried to retreat on the Skyfire but was impeded by a summoned fel reaver. Through his steam armor, Gelbin caught a falling Stormwind soldier by their cape. The Alliance forces watched helplessly as King Varian Wrynn sacrificed himself by distracting the Burning Legion forces so that the Alliance forces could fly to safety. In the aftermath of the battle, Mekkatorque attended the funeral of Varian Wrynn.[30]

Gelbin is also around in Stormwind Keep.[31] During A [10-45] A Royal Audience, he is present at the ceremony hosted by newly coronated King Anduin Wrynn that congratulates the adventurer for their battles against the Horde, following their receiving of the Achievement pvp a 14 [Grand Marshal's Medal of Valor] from the King, as well as an artifact appearance.

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Mechagon City

Mechagon City, capital of the Mechagon mechagnomes.

Gelbin Mekkatorque, accompanied by his advisor Tread Sparknozzle, was present in a meeting with Magni Bronzebeard in Ironforge. He wondered whether Azeroth could heal herself. He also received Azerite samples to study and chose Sapphronetta Flivvers to go to Silithus.[32]

A Covert Ops team, including Steelspark, were sent to assist Shandris Feathermoon and Halford Wyrmbane in Vol'dun.

G.E.A.R., an elite unite of Gnomeregan aerial rangers, was formed during the Fourth War and participated in the Faction Assaults.

Mekkatorque and his forces joined the Battle for Lordaeron with the help of Alleria Windrunner, who created a Void portal to transport both his gnomish troops and her own void elves.[33]

From his airship The Strider Mekkatorque led an attack on the Horde's Azerite mining operations in Drustvar on Kul Tiras, using an army of remote-controlled robots. Jastor Gallywix and his G.M.O.D led the Horde's reprisal, and then confronted Mekkatorque and his own mech suit in the sky only for the G.M.O.D to run out of fuel, giving Mekkatorque the chance to knock Gallywix out of the sky.[34] Once the G.M.O.D was operational again, Gallywix attacked The Strider above Tiragarde Sound to draw out Mekkatorque. As they fought The Strider began to fall apart and so Mekkatorque fled, leaving Gallywix to wonder how to break through his mech's Proto Layered Optimal Titan Armor.[35]

Mekkatorque sailed with the Alliance navy during their assault on Dazar'alor, on a mission to secretly plant explosives on the ships of the enemy Golden Fleet. The explosives were successfully put in place and once a majority of the Horde's forces were lured to Nazmir, the Alliance navy began their invasion. Just as Mekkatorque was about to remotely detonate the explosives with his remote detonator machine, Gelbin's floor collapsed from the impact of one of the Golden Fleet's ballistae missiles. Gelbin fell below the deck of Jaina's ship and pulled himself out of the rubble so he could rush to re-position his remote detonator. Once the remote detonator was upright again, Gelbin pushed the detonator button and blew up the entire Golden Fleet stationed there, allowing the Alliance navy to invade Dazar'alor with little resistance. During the Siege of Zuldazar, Mekkatorque dueled Gallywix, once again defeating him. He was seriously injured during the battle but escaped using an escape pod. However the escape pod placed him in suspended animation, and neither Jaina Proudmoore nor Stormwind's priests know how to help him recover from his injuries,[36] while Halford Wyrmbane and Nathanos Blightcaller referred to him as being dead.[37]


People and culture[]

Gnome heritage armor

Gnomes of Gnomeregan wearing their heritage armor.

Generally speaking, gnomes simply do not fight gnomes. In a world of hostile creatures and Tall Folk, it goes without saying that gnomes have to rely on each other. This is why gnomes don't need primogeniture and why they abandoned monarchy centuries ago, instead electing their leaders by common consent based on their work's benefit to the race as a whole. It is unthinkable for a gnome to act in a selfish manner in spite of the cost to their people, which made Sicco Thermaplugg's betrayal all the more shocking.[38]

Before the fall of Gnomeregan, to most of its citizens, Gelbin Mekkatorque resembled the ideal gnome: Ambitious, inventive and caring for his peers. The loss of Gnomeregan and years of hardship and survival amongst increased association with the dwarves have made the gnomes stronger and more comfortable with their physical prowess, giving them a combatant edge. Gnome melee fighters have become more common, and are in general more willing to talk back to Tall Folk than ever before.[38]

Gnomeregan's heyday is a friendly competition between gnomish inventors where they pit their creations against one another.[39]

The close relationship with the kingdom of Ironforge has mixed their cultures and gnomes have recently started to venture into the field of brewing. Examples include Gnomenbrau, "a light beer with a big head",[40] and the upstart Short and Stout Brewery in Brewnall Village.[41] It is also only natural that Gelbin Mekkatorque rides out to the festival grounds and taps the keg each day during Brewfest.

The Great Gnomeregan Run is a gnomish micro-holiday event where gnomes run from New Tinkertown in Dun Morogh to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

Political structure[]

Gnomeregan used to be a kingdom,[6] but since King Mechagon's departure about 400 years ago, the nation has evolved to a somewhat democratic republic, in which the Gnomeregan electorate elects a High Tinker who will serve as the head of state and of government for a set term in office, being in charge of both the legislative, executive and judicial powers.[42] The High Tinker has advisors,[43] assistants,[44] a security team,[45] a court,[46] a war council[47] and the ruling council[46] to help them run the nation. Notably, despite the previous information is Lawyerbot 2000's conclusion that High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque possesses no legal authority whatsoever - over gnomes or otherwise; thus acting as a figurehead.[48] Notably, the nation is sometimes still referred to as a kingdom[1] and Gelbin Mekkatorque styled himself as the King of Gnomes.

As the head of state, the High Tinker represents the gnomes at meetings and ceremonies with the High King and leaders of other Alliance nations with a vote worth as much as anyone else at the High King's table. Gnomeregan voted to accept Gilneas into the Alliance and have taken part of numerous strategical talks. Previously, the gnomes would be represented at Alliance meetings only through the Ironforge dwarf delegate, but an equal distribution of the political power between Alliance nations seemingly rose with High King Varian Wrynn's return.

The war council consists of the High Tinker, their advisor and assistant as well as Gnomeregan Covert Ops key member Kelsey Steelspark and Hinkles Fastblast.[47] Following the reunion of the Mechagon mechagnomes and the gnomish people, Prince Erazmin appears to serve as a key leader for the gnomes as well. In addition to this, the monarchy was restored, with Gelbin officially declared as the successor to the throne of King Mechagon.

The ruling council, presumably consisting of most of the previously mentioned ranks close to the High Tinker along with Tinkmaster Overspark, contains the power to banish citizens from the nation.[49] After the fall of Gnomeregan, the ruling council debated whether to focus their resources on trying to retake their city or aid the Alliance with global issues. According to Oglethorpe Obnoticus, the ruling council of Gnomeregan used politics to ostracize him because they viewed him as an intellectual threat.[50]

The Tinkmaster is the chief architect for modern gnomish engineering principles, a highly prestigeful rank within Gnomeregan society.[51]

Notable leaders[]

King Mechagon comic

Mechagon, was the last king of Gnomeregan prior to the reunion of the gnomish people. After leaving Gnomeregan, he served as king of Mechagon, becoming heavily mechanized.

History Monarchy Democracy Monarchy restored
Ruler King Mechagon ??? High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque King Gelbin Mekkatorque


Organizations of Gnomeregan[]

Territories and outposts of Gnomeregan[]

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  • The loss of Gnomeregan is the topic of many conspiracy theories, one of them involving the Dark Iron clan.[52]


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