AllianceGnomeregan Assault Tank
Image of Gnomeregan Assault Tank
Race Mechano-tank (Mechanical)
Level 50 Elite
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan
Location Foot Steppes, Storm Peaks

The Gnomeregan Assault Tank is created by de-shrinkifying the Shrinkified Assault Tank and is subsequently used to slay Ironbound Invaders in the Foot Steppes in the Storm Peaks during A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [50] Gnomercy!. As soon as the player finishes killing 30 Ironbound Invaders, they are automatically ejected from the tank and flown to Terrace of the Makers with a Backpack Copter.

Controlled abilities

  1. Inv gizmo adamantiteshells.png  Rail Shot — Shoot a charged bullet from the tank gun, dealing a large amount of damage to troggs in a line. 
  2. Inv summerfest firespirit.png  Flame Spray — Inflicts 71 Fire damage to enemies in front of the caster within 15 yards. 
  3. Spell mekkatorque bot redwrench.png  Quick Repairs — Repair the Tank, healing it for 50% of its health over 5 seconds. 

Objective of

  • Needs to be entered and used during A IconSmall Gnome Male.gifIconSmall Gnome Female.gif [50] Gnomercy!.

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