Image of Gobber
Gender Male
Race Hobgoblin (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Location Various
Status Alive

Gobber is a hobgoblin first found in Bilgewater Port. He is somewhat of an anomaly among hobgoblins. He has an almost meek personality (at one point cowering from a fight), high intelligence (for a hobgoblin), friendliness, and banking skills. Gobber is very loyal to the player's character and was the only hobgoblin on the Lost Isles to side against Trade Prince Gallywix. According to Garrosh the hobgoblin has an unpleasant odor. His red skin color is somewhat unique too as most hobgoblins have a purple or whitish pallor.


Gobber on the Lost Isles.

He first appears among the players friends in the quest "Rolling with my Homies." He is also stranded on the Lost Isles with the player and acts as the bank on the Lost Isles.

He is eventually captured in the Gallywix Labor Mine with Ace and Izzy. Gobber is eventually freed with the others in the quest "Morale Boost" after being given some  [Kaja'Cola Zero-One].

After Gallywix was subdued and the goblins started their move to Azshara, Gobber was found wandering around in Orgrimmar. When the player meets Garrosh to give him a message, the new Warchief asks them to take Gobber along with you as seems to recognize you.

As a Racial

After talking to Garrosh Hellscream the player can summon Gobber whenever they like and access their bank through him.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Bilgewater Port 3 71
KTC Headquarters 3 122
Lost Isles 6 - 16 185
Azshara 60 11,216



<Gobber acts tough, but you can tell that deep down, he's scared.>

Lost Isles
<Gobber grunts.>
Me banker now!
Buy Gobber, I need to look in my pack.

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