NeutralGoblin Commoner
Image of Goblin Commoner
Gender Both
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 1
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Commoner
Location Various
Status Alive

Goblin Commoners are goblins located in the Steamwheedle Cartel settlements and Shattrath City during world events.



Dark Portal Opens

Blonde hair, green skin, horn head, blue skin - all it means to us are new markets for our excellent goblin engineering! Even the prospects of another war against the Legion means more sales for us!

  • Elves or draenei, just means more money for our engineers.
  • The Burning Legion has returned! What can we do to stop them?
  • The Dark Portal opens once again! What does it portend?
  • The armies of the Burning Legion are attacking all across Azeroth. We need heroes to throw them back!

No other holiday matches the feasting and drinking of Brewfest!

Lunar Festival

The druids are holding a great celebration of Lunar Festival in Moonglade. If that's too far to walk, they're transporting people from the big cities.

  • During the Lunar Festival, we should take time to seek out our elders and consider their wisdom.
  • The druids of Nighthaven are holding a great celebration in Moonglade for the Lunar Festival.
Pirate's Day

The Dread Captain DeMeza has pulled into Booty Bay and declared it Pirate's Day!

She's making anyone who's brave enough to share a drink with her an honorary crewmember.


Hey, if people want to run around rooting in the dirt for colored eggs, who am I to judge? I still get a cut of the profits on paint, and I invested in chickens this year.

Hallow's End

All this free candy is just bad business, I tell you. Or... maybe it's just a loss leader... they get you in the inn, and then gouge you on the meat. It's brilliant!

Pilgrim's Bounty

"Pilgrim's Bounty?" More like "Fool's Folly!"

Hundreds of cargo holds full of food given away for free... FREE! It boggles the mind!

Still, I suppose I should shift some of my Poultry Portfolio funds to turkey... I can't believe how big of a bust that chicken investment was. Where did all those Noblegarden eggs COME from?!

Feast of Winter Veil

Smokywood Pastures has set up shop in Orgrimmar and Ironforge. I wonder what they'll dream up this year?

  • Where are all those wonderful winter hats coming from?
  • Ah, the Winter Wondervolt. What will we think of next?
  • I hope I have a chance to visit with Greatfather Winter before Winter Veil is over.
Midsummer Fire Festival
  • The Midsummer Fire Festival has something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Have you danced at the ribbon pole yet?
  • Across the lands our fires burn strong and true!
  • I admire the skill that torch jugglers have.

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