• Goblin Dragon Gun
  • Item Level 48Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Trinket
  • Use: Deals 65 fire damage for 10 sec to all targets in a cone in front of the engineer using the weapon. That is unless it explodes.....
  • Sell Price: 20s
For the lore, see Dragon Gun.

Goblin Dragon Gun is a trinket that deals AOE damage in the shape of a cone.


This item is crafted with Goblin Engineering (240); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv musket 01.png 2x [Mithril Tube] Inv cask 02.png 4x [Goblin Rocket Fuel]
Inv ingot 06.png 6x [Mithril Bar] Inv ingot 08.png 6x [Truesilver Bar]
Inv battery 01.png 1x [Unstable Trigger]


The gun can explode at any time during use, dealing 100 damage per second and forcing the caster to run in circles for the remainder of the 10 seconds.
The 61-69 damage is not total, but rather per second. This gives a maximum damage of 690 over ten seconds in a cone.
The gun can still be used if you later drop engineering, as it does not require engineering to equip or use.

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