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For other uses, see Goblin Engineering (disambiguation). For the NPCs, see Goblin Engineer (disambiguation).
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“The secret to goblin engineering has nothing to do with keeping things from exploding. It has everything to do with directing the explosions exactly where you want them.”

Chief Engineer Copperclaw

Goblin Engineering is one of two disciplines engineers may specialize in upon attaining level 30 and 200 skill. (The other is Gnome Engineering.) Its innovation is diverse with items ranging from Inv helmet 49 [Goblin Rocket Helmet] and Inv gizmo 06 [Goblin Bomb Dispenser] to Inv misc bomb 04 [The Big One]. This diversity can give Goblin Engineers the element of surprise and situational advantages when facing enemies.

Becoming a Goblin Engineer[]

Much like with Gnome Engineering, this is a three step process.

The referral[]

You first have to get a referral from an engineering trainer. There are a number of people who will give you a referral. Remember, you do have to have 200 skill, and be at least level 30 to be eligible.

  • The referral quests: Goblin Engineering.

The pledge[]

The person you are sent to is Nixx Sprocketspring, in Gadgetzan, Tanaris. He will hand you an unsigned pledge, and ask that you sign and return it. This seals your commitment to Goblin Engineering.

Showing your work[]

Nixx will then ask you to show examples of your work. You will be handing over:

Raw mats:
2x Inv ingot 01 [Silver Bar]
30x Inv ingot iron [Iron Bar]
40x Inv stone 12 [Heavy Stone]
20x Inv stone 10 [Solid Stone]
10x Inv fabric silk 01 [Silk Cloth]
20x Inv fabric wool 01 [Wool Cloth]
20x Inv ingot bronze [Bronze Bar]
5x Inv misc leatherscrap 05 [Medium Leather]

Having done that, you are issued your Inv letter 17 [Goblin Engineer Membership Card], which entitles you to training on the 'goblin engineer only' engineering recipes. Congratulations! You have specialized in Goblin Engineering!

Your membership card[]

Prior to the release of WotLK, having completed the exercises above, you were given a Inv letter 17 [Goblin Engineer Membership Card]. It remained valid for 14 days of 'played time', not 14 real days.

If you ever found yourself without this card, you could pay 2 gold in dues to the Goblin Engineering trainer (still Nixx Sprocketspring) and get a new one. Since the release of WoTL, Goblin Engineering is added to your book as a skill.

An added benefit of renewing your membership prior to patch 3.2.2 was that you would be sent a renewal gift of some useful engineering schematic. Inv scroll 06 [Schematic: Pet Bombling] formerly could only be acquired this way. However, this item now drops in Gnomeregan.

Goblin Engineering items[]

  • Goblin Engineering items require specialization in Goblin Engineering to craft.
  • Some Engineering items which have 'Goblin' in the title do not require specialization to craft or use, e.g. Inv misc enggizmos 10 [Goblin Jumper Cables].
  • While some Goblin Engineering items require specialization to use, others do not. Some are tradable, some are BoP.
Item Type Cooldown Tradeable Engineering Skill
Required to Use
Goblin Engineering
Required to Use
Inv helmet 60 [Foreman's Enchanted Helmet] Cloth (Head) - - 350 Yes
Inv helmet 60 [Goblin Construction Helmet] Cloth (Head) 1 hour - 205 -
Inv gizmo rocketboot 01 [Goblin Rocket Boots] Cloth (Feet) 5 minutes Yes 225 -
Inv helmet 49 [Goblin Rocket Helmet] Cloth (Head) 20 minutes Yes 235 -
Inv helmet 60 [Foreman's Reinforced Helmet] Mail (Head) - - 350 Yes
Inv helmet 25 [Goblin Mining Helmet] Mail (Head) - - 205 -
Inv misc bomb 04 [Pet Bombling] Device (Small pet) - - - -
Inv gizmo supersappercharge [Super Sapper Charge] Device (Consumable) 5 minute Yes 340 -
Inv gizmo thebiggerone [The Bigger One] Device (Consumable) 1 minute Yes 325 -
Inv misc bomb 04 [The Big One] Explosive 1 minute Yes 225 -
Spell fire selfdestruct [Goblin Sapper Charge] Explosive 5 minutes Yes 205 -
Inv scroll 03 [Recipe: Goblin Rocket Fuel] Recipe - Yes Alchemy 210 -
Inv misc enggizmos 07 [Dimensional Ripper - Area 52] Trinket 4 hours Yes 350 Yes
Inv misc enggizmos 15 [Dimensional Ripper - Everlook] Trinket 4 hours Yes 260 Yes
Inv gizmo 06 [Goblin Bomb Dispenser] Trinket 30 minutes - 230 -
Spell fire flamebolt [Goblin Dragon Gun] Trinket 5 minutes - - -
Inv misc enggizmos 11 [Goblin Jumper Cables XL] Device 30 minutes Yes 265 -
Inv musket 01 [Goblin Mortar] Trinket 10 minutes Yes 205 -
Inv gizmo rocketlauncher [Goblin Rocket Launcher] Trinket 2 minutes Yes 350 Yes
Ability mount rocketmount3 [Depleted-Kyparium Rocket] Mount - Yes - -

Switching specializations[]

To switch between Goblin Engineering and Gnome Engineering, bring up the “Professions” tab in the “Spellbook & Abilities” interface. Within the “Engineering” section, on the top-right side, there will be a button for your current specialization. Immediatedlty to the left of that button will be a small red circular icon. You can click that icon to remove your current specialization. Important: Do not click the similar icon that is to the left of the green skill bar since that would completely remove your Engineering skill (and not just the specialization).

Once you have removed your specialization, the Engineering trainers in your faction’s home city should offer you the choice of specializations quests: Gnome Engineering (quest), N Engineering [20-70] Goblin Engineering.

Removed from game The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a.

From patch 3.2.0 until Cataclysm, Gnomish Engineers and Goblin Engineers could switch profession specializations for 150g by visiting Narain Soothfancy's hut in northeast Tanaris and interacting with the book on the table.


It might not work ALL the time, but what kind of goblin engineer are you! If survival was your first priority you could never be a real Goblin Engineer!Zap Farflinger

From the Inv misc book 10 [Manual of Engineering Disciplines]:

"You want to know about goblin engineering? Try asking one of their best and brightest engineers about it - I think his name is 'Nubby Stumpfingers'. Want to know why he's named that? THAT'S goblin engineering." — Ringo Tragediction, gnome engineer

"Say what you want about us goblins, but I will tell you this: WE HAVE EXPLOSIVES!" — Yazz Nitrospork, goblin bombardier

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