For the Warcraft III item, see Goblin Land Mines. For the Tiragarde Sound NPCs, see Goblin Land Mine (Tiragarde Sound).
  • Goblin Land Mine
  • Use: Places the Goblin Land Mine on the ground. It will explode for 450 fire damage the next time a hostile creature passes near it. The mine has a duration of 1 min.
  • Requires Engineering (195)
  • 1 Charge
  • Sell Price: 16s
File:Goblin Land Mine.jpg

Goblin Land Mine

Goblin Land Mine can be placed on the ground and it will explode the next time a hostile target comes close to it.


This item is crafted with Engineering (195); taught by  [Schematic: Goblin Land Mine], a world drop.

Materials required:
Inv misc dust 06.png 3x [Heavy Blasting Powder] Inv ingot iron.png 2x [Iron Bar]
Inv misc pocketwatch 02.png 1x [Gyrochronatom]


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