In the TCG.

What it looks like in-game. The missile will look exactly like the launcher (without the brown launching pad).

Goblin Rocket Launcher is a Engineering trinket that provides +45 Stamina and has the ability to both damage and stun a target for 3 seconds.


This item is created with Goblin Engineering (350); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv gizmo hardenedadamantitetube.png 2x [Hardened Adamantite Tube] Inv gizmo khoriumpowercore.png 1x [Khorium Power Core]
Inv gizmo felstabilizer.png 2x [Felsteel Stabilizer] Inv elemental primal fire.png 6x [Primal Fire]
Inv elemental primal earth.png 6x [Primal Earth] Inv gizmo 07.png 2x [Delicate Arcanite Converter]


  • The actual cast looks, as expected, like a rocket launcher and lasts 3 seconds.
  • The "kickback" effect knocks you down on the ground and stuns you for 2 seconds.
  • The range is 45 yards, which is pretty far compared to most spells and abilities in the game.
  • The cast time is 3.5 seconds.
  • It is possible to equip two at once. While using one of them will cause both to share the cooldown, they will together yield +90 stamina.
  • Retribution-specialized Paladins have been known to use the  [Goblin Rocket Launcher] and then immediately follow up with an [Exorcism]. While unconfirmed, this suggests that the launcher may trigger [The Art of War].
  • It has been observed to proc the enchant  [Deathfrost] upon missile hit. It is unknown if it can proc other enchants.
  • The item acts like a spell:
    • The missile is vulnerable to [Spell Reflection] and [Grounding Totem].
    • The cast time is affected by spell haste.
    • It can trigger Clearcasting, but also consume it.
    • It is also affected by spell hit, and has been used very effectively on 60 twinks.

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