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Goblin Shredder
Race Goblin
Faction Neutral
Hit points 600
Hit point regeneration None
Hit point regeneration rate None HP/sec.
Level 6
Range 1 (melee)
Cooldown 1.4 sec.
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 3
Movement Speed Average (240)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Goblin Shredder is a neutral unit that can be hired from the Goblin Laboratory.


The Goblin Shredder is a fairly expensive mercenary unit, costing 375 gold, 100 wood and 4 food. However, he serves as a resource gatherer and does poorly in melee combat.

The Goblin Shredder is the most efficient wood gatherer in-game. Every swing of his saw gathers 10 wood at a time, meaning that he cuts a healthy tree down in 5 swings. Unlike the workers of each rate who are limited in gathering wood (5 for Wisps, 10 for Peons, and Peasants and 20 for Ghouls), the Goblin Shredder harvests 200 wood at a time, and moves as fast as a Ghoul without Ghoul Frenzy.

Keep him well protected in your base as he gathers wood. Many players tend to replace their lumber gatherers with shredders because of their usefulness; non-Undead players can devote workers to harvesting gold, while Undead players can remove their Ghouls and free up food space for other units. Generally, one shredder will do the job in keeping the player's lumber stockpiles high, though a second shredder will certainly speed up operations.


  • In Reforged, the unit's name is Shredder instead of Goblin Shredder.

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