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Goblin slums

The slums.

Goblin Slums 2

Entrance from the Valley of Spirits.

The Goblin Slums[37, 80]VZ-OrgrimmarBlip was a district in Orgrimmar for the Bilgewater goblin refugees of Kezan opened after the Cataclysm. It connected to the Valley of Spirits, and was an oily, dirty place - similar to areas in Bilgewater Port. In addition to class and profession trainers, the area had its own innkeeper, auctioneer, and bankers.

The space occupied by the Goblin Slums was originally part of the Valley of Spirits prior to the goblins joining the Horde. The trolls moved further north in the valley, while the goblins were given this part of the valley to use as their own. The slums were presided over by Boss Mida. Off-duty goblins could be found lounging around the pool area as well as waiting in line to withdraw their money from the bank, and off-duty Orgrimmar Grunts joined them to converse and tell jokes. For the most part, however, the area was exclusively goblin.

There originally appeared to be an oil-drilling operation within the lake, overseen by Environmental Engineer Linza; the surrounding area was filthy, with the pollution flowing downstream to the new Valley of Spirits. In addition to toads and muddy crawfish, the Goblin Slums were home to Robo-Chicks.

Orgrimmar Embassy[]

Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

After the ending of the third invasion of the Burning Legion, a new embassy and an engineering building were constructed in the oil-drilling operation and completely replacing the Goblin Slums as a sub-zone. The entire area is now referred to as the Orgrimmar Embassy.

Some notable goblins, including class trainers are no longer found here, and the Orgrimmar Bruisers are largely replaced by other guards such as grunts and headhunters.


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Central section
"First Aid/Engineering section"
"Blacksmithing area"
"Mida's area"


  • Despite its many points of interest including class trainers, profession trainers, bankers and auctioneers, no guards would point to these when asked for directions.
  • After the addition of the Orgrimmar Embassy the Goblin Slum area is no longer called that, and quests that formerly referred to it as such now points you to the Embassy instead.[1]


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