Goblin Sponsorship (2)

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NeutralGoblin Sponsorship
Start IconSmall Goblin Male.gifNeutral Gazlowe
End IconSmall Goblin Male.gifNeutral Wharfmaster Lozgil
Level 37 (Requires 29)
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 91-700 XP
Previous N [37] Goblin Sponsorship
Next N [37] Goblin Sponsorship

Goblin Sponsorship is a neutral quest in the Goblin Sponsorship quest chain. In this quest, players are sent to Booty Bay to check in on a shipment that was supposed to go to Ratchet, at the behest of the goblin racers of Mirage Raceway.

How to Get This Quest

Gazlowe the goblin can be found in a building north of the docks of Ratchet in the Barrens, coordinates (63,36). You must have completed N [37] Goblin Sponsorship to get this quest.


Speak with Wharfmaster Lozgil in Booty Bay.


Wharfmaster Lozgil can be found on the far northwestern part of the docks of Booty Bay, coordinates (26,73). Speak with him to complete the quest and receive the next in the chain.


Back to what you came here about. I know I promised Pozzik that I'd deliver a new fuel regulator for him, but I still haven't received it yet. Revilgaz over in Booty Bay said he'd have it shipped over, but it might be it slipped through the cracks somehow.
If that's true, there's not much we can do about it. We can at least find out if it was dispatched from Booty Bay.
Check in with Wharfmaster Lozgil over there, he should be able to check the cargo records.


Shipments to Ratchet? Let me just check the logbooks...
No, the most recent shipment I have on record of going out to Ratchet were boots from Drizzlik. Hasn't been much else, other than building supplies and tools. Definitely no race parts.


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  2. N [37] Goblin Sponsorship
  3. N [37] Goblin Sponsorship
  4. N [37] Goblin Sponsorship
  5. N [37] Goblin Sponsorship
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  8. N [41] Razzeric's Tweaking
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