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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.


The first thing a person thinks of when goblins come to mind is most likely not footwear. Yet the innovations that goblins have brought to the design of shoes for adventuring are undeniable. Goblin army boots take the design ethos of the goblin army knife and apply it to military footwear.

Goblin army boots are sturdy leather boots that strap up to the knee. The heels are very thick, lending another 6 inches to the height of anyone wearing a pair. Contained within the heels of the boots are a number of devices that aid in jumping and traversing difficult terrain. The wearer can direct the boots to perform several tasks by manipulating a series of toe triggers.

The soles of the boots contain several options for negotiating obstacles and terrain. Tightly coiled springs released from the soles grant the wearer a better jump as well as increasing his speed when running with the springs extended. Accordion-like stilts extend from the heels, allowing for an additional 7 feet of height, although balance is required to stay upright on the stilts. Using a bellows in the heel, air bladders in each boot inflate to allow a wearer to cross a body of water without getting wet, balance is required to stabilize and stay upright when walking across water.

For combat situations, a dagger blade extends from the toe of each boot to provide stopgap weapons in combat.

The boots are quite heavy, each weighing approximately 10 pounds. However, this multipurpose footwear is watertight, and custom-fitted to the wearer's feet with a series of adjustable straps and laces (which in dire situations connect to provide 50 feet of strong spider silk line). Sadly, these versatile boots are so heavy that they reduce the speed of the wearer.[1]


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