The Gods of Zul'Aman trailer is the official trailer for The Gods of Zul'Aman Patch 2.3.



IconSmall Zul'jin.gif Zul'jin: Dis... was our land. TROLL land. We Amani was here before ANYONE! Da elves and dere Alliance came to drive us out. But we never give up. We never forget...
IconSmall Zul'jin.gif Zul'jin: Da elves took my eye. I cut off my own arm to escape dem... and now, dey fight alongside da HORDE?! I SPIT on da Horde! I hate you, I hate you all... But I got a surprise for ya now, so come on in...
IconSmall Zul'jin.gif Zul'jin: De Amani never give up! We never forget. We never die. Dis is OUR land: you wanna stay, you stay here forever! We gonna bury you here.