NeutralGoing Down, Going Up
Start Oren Windstrider
End Oren Windstrider
Level 10-45
Category Highmountain
Experience 15,050
Reputation +250 Highmountain Tribe
Rewards 15g 40s (at level 100)


Use Oren's Rappel Point to descend into the depths and recover his lost possessions.


Now that we have the necessary worm guts, I was able to fashion them into a special sort of rope.

It will allow you to descend from the bridge into the chasm below and recover some of my possessions that were stolen and thrown in by the Deeprock.


You will receive: 15g 40s (at level 100)


I have never been particularly fond of heights.


I can't believe it! I hoped it would work, but I couldn't be sure.

You recovered heirlooms passed down by my family for many generations.

I thought them lost forever.



Use Oren's Rappel Point to rope down towards the bottom of the chasm.

Oren Windstrider yells: This is perfectly safe! Oh, right... watch out for the spiders down there. Whatever you do, don't cut yourself down from the rope!

A pack of Thornback Spiderlings are waiting at the chasm floor. When you reach the bottom, you will initially bounce up and down a few times. Kill the spiderlings and loot Oren's Prized Possessions. This causes the enormous Thornback Queen to spawn in the distance and rush towards you.

Oren Windstrider yells: Whoa... I didn't expect the queen to show up... I'll get you out of there. Hang on!

Right as the queen is about to reach you, Oren pulls you back up onto the bridge.


  1. N [10-45] Fledgling Worm Guts & N [10-45] Eagle Egg Recovery & N [10-45] Tamer Takedown
  2. N [10-45] Going Down, Going Up
  3. N [10-45] Empty Nest

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