Gol Inath.

Gol Inath[27.1, 58.8] is a hollow tree located at the center of the Crimson Forest in southwestern Drustvar. It is the staging ground where the witches build their construct army, leeching their powers from the ancient magic of the Drust.[1] The entrance to Thros, the Blighted Lands is found inside the tree. The ancient Drust worshiped it.[2]

It is here where Gorak Tul is summoned by the Heartsbane Coven. It may be connected to the same location as The Rupture in Waycrest Manor as it uses the exact same architecture.

Later, it is in control of some "Briarbane" Drust under the command of Gorak Zhar, protecting the Flame of Oblivion, which contains a portion of Gorak Tul's power.[3]