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For the currency, see money.
This article is about the metal. For the ore, see Inv ore gold 01 [Gold Ore]. For for the crafting reagent, see Inv ingot 03 [Gold Bar]. For for the mining node, see Gold Vein.

Gold mining node

Gold Vein

Gold is a metal that can be mined.

Mined from the rich earth of Azeroth and Lordaeron, this precious metal is commonly used in exchange for goods and services. As a rare substance that is always in short supply, gold must be dug out from the rock and soil within established gold mines. Many of these mines were abandoned when the orc raids began and the workers fled for their very lives. Since the beginning of the Second War, these sites are frequently operated while under the protection of military forces.[1] Gold was scarce in Lordaeron, even in the height of the Alliance's power.[2]

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