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The Golden Isle

The Golden Isle is a small, treasure-covered island located directly southwest of the Port of Zem'lan, off the southwestern coast of Vol'dun. It was here that Pirate-King Zem'lan conducted the ritual that transformed his crew into undead skeletons using three cursed idols.[1]

In the present day, the Golden Isle is a forbidden island where Zem'lan hoards all of the treasures his crew has pillaged and plundered over countless years, so only he can enjoy them. Aside from Zem'lan, the only inhabitants of the isle are goldslaves, former crewmates forced to tend to the Pirate-King's treasures for eternity as punishment for attempting to steal some of the booty for themselves.[2][3] Zem'lan keeps a gong at the top of the isle that any crew member can ring to challenge him to a fight.[4]

An adventurer, First Mate Jamboya, and Jamboya's crewmates travel to the Golden Isle to confront Zem'lan[2] and steal as much of the cursed treasure as they can.[3] Jamboya and the adventurer manage to kill Zem'lan, but as the Pirate-King reminds them that he won't stay dead for long,[4] Jamboya's crew quickly leave the isle to travel to Camp Lastwind.[5]


After H [30-50] The Golden Isle
During H [30-50] The First Time I Died
During H [30-50] This Be Mutiny



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