NeutralGoldtusk Gang
Main leader IconSmall Zandalari Male.gif Rhan'ka
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Base of operations Goldtusk Inn
Theater of operations Vol'dun
Affiliation Voldunai
Status Active

The Goldtusk Gang[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] or simply Goldtusks[4] are a group of Zandalari exiles — consisting of Rhan'ka, Grenja, Man'zul, Volni, and Zulsan — that staff the Goldtusk Inn in Vol'dun.[8] They formerly lived in Zuldazar, where Man'zul was usually the brains behind many of the gang's thefts.[2] In Zuldazar, Grenja got the gang out of a lot of sticky situations by holding open and knocking down a lot of doors as well as people.[8] The group was eventually banished to Vol'dun, but while Zuldazar betrayed and exiled the gang, they never betrayed each other.[4]

Most of the gang consists of ghosts that are invisible to outsiders, so Rhan'ka (the only living member) initially appears to merely be an insane troll talking to imaginary friends in the form of Grenja, Man'zul, and Volni's skulls.[8] When adventurers arrive at the Goldtusk Inn, Rhan'ka sends them to Dead Man's Pass to gather scorpid blood for his famous scorpid blood drinks[1] and search for Zulsan.[9] While the heroes are gone, however, Sandfury trolls attack the inn and kidnap the Goldtusk Gang. After the adventurers rescue the gang members,[2] kill the Sandfury leader,[3] and retrieve a batch of Rikati's wasp "honey",[10] the gang agrees that it is time to initiate the adventurers into the group. Rhan'ka conducts the gang initiation ritual by having the adventurers drink the boiled blood and stingers they've collected, uniting them with the whole gang and letting them see what the gang sees by revealing the ghosts of the other trolls.[4] After the adventurers further help ensure the Goldtusk Inn's successful opening, Rhan'ka declares that the inn is officially open for business and tells the heroes that they will always be welcome, as they are members of the gang for life.[7]