NeutralGoldtusk Inn
Goldtusk Inn entrance.jpg
The inn's exterior as it initially appears.
Type Inn
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
Affiliation(s) Neutral Goldtusk Gang
Horde Voldunai
Location Whistlebloom Oasis, Vol'dun[43.4, 60.2]
Status Active

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The Goldtusk Inn is an inn owned by Rhan'ka[1] and staffed by the Goldtusk Gang[1][2] inside a cave on the northeast side of Whistlebloom Oasis in Vol'dun. According to Rhan'ka, "All exiles are welcome to rest at de Goldtusk Inn, de only luxury lodge in dese harsh dunes".[2] Guests at the inn need to earn their keep. The inn offers several excursion activities and packages, such as the "Warlord Package" (which is required for access to excursions to Dead Man's Pass), the "Scorpid King Package" (unlimited all-day access to Rhan'ka's famous scorpid blood drinks),[3] and the "Giant Deadly Unstoppable Killer Cobra Experience" (an activity which challenges guests to travel to the dunes north of the inn and try not to be killed by Sevriss).[4]

When adventurers first arrive at the inn, it offers no commodities and the visitors are only able to see the seemingly insane Rhan'ka talking to skulls.[2] After Rhan'ka sends the adventurers to Dead Man's Pass, Sandfury raiders led by Gozda'kun the Slaver thrash the inn and kidnap the Goldtusk Gang (leading Rhan'ka to officially ban the tribe from the inn).[1][5] After adventurers rescue the skulls, Rhan'ka conducts a ritual to initiate them into the Goldtusk Gang and allow them to see what the gang sees, revealing that most of the Goldtusk Gang members are actually ghosts that were previously invisible.[6] After adventurers help the various gang members with tasks around the inn — specifically by helping Man'zul create and plant a "gold tusk" above the inn's entrance,[7] clearing the oasis of predators for Volni,[8] and gathering fruit for Zulsan's all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet[9] — the place receives its first guest in the form of the injured Bladeguard Tarkaj, who is offered food, drink, bandages, and bedding by the adventurer. Afterward, Rhan'ka declares that the inn is officially open.[10]


After questline


  • The inn contains an interactable Drum and a Cooking Cauldron in which Rhan'ka hides during part of the questline.
  • The commodities at the inn are not initially available and instead have to be unlocked through quests. Volni's flight path unlocks after H [30-50] The Best Kill is Overkill, and Grenja, Man'zul, and Rhan'ka only offer their services after completion of H [30-50] A Goldtusk Greeting. A Goldtusk Greeting also adds an anvil, forge, and Goldtusk Inn Mailbox outside the inn's entrance.


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