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Image of Golganneth
Title The Thunderer,
Lord of the Skies and the Roaring Oceans[1]
Gender Male
Race Titan
Affiliation(s) Pantheon of Order
Location Seat of the Pantheon
Status Alive
Golganneth M5

Golganneth in the Warcraft Saga

Golganneth the Thunderer (pronounced "GAWL-guh-nehth")[2] is a member of the titan Pantheon and is the lord of the skies and roaring oceans.[1][3][4]


Like the other members of the titan Pantheon, Golganneth was born from a world-soul somewhere in the Great Dark Beyond and aided the Pantheon in its ordering of the universe.

He was ultimately killed by Sargeras alongside the rest of the Pantheon during the battle at Nihilam.[5] While their bodies were destroyed, the spirits survived, launched themselves through the Great Dark and then slammed into the Keepers of Azeroth.[6]

Golganneth Seat

Golganneth in the Seat of the Pantheon.

Sargeras would eventually capture the spirits of the Pantheon, except for Eonar who escaped. Aggramar succumbed to Sargeras's torture and was revived as an avatar[7] on the planet Argus to serve the Burning Legion. Aman'Thul, Khaz'goroth, Norgannon, and Golganneth were tortured by the Coven of Shivarra with the goal of breaking them as Aggramar was.

After the Pantheon was liberated and reunited, they returned to the Seat of the Pantheon, where they attempted to sever Argus the Unmaker's connection with the Legion. Golganneth personally aided the Alliance and Horde champions by creating a Gift of the Sky and Gift of the Sea to empower them, and also helped by cleansing his Death Fog. Sargeras struck out at Azeroth and wounded her heavily in Silithus. Immediately thereafter, the Pantheon imprisoned him within the Seat, decisively ending the Burning Crusade. Illidan Stormrage, who stayed behind while his comrades left, serves as Sargeras's jailer.


In World of Warcraft[]

WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Golganneth in the RPG wielding Shargahn

The platinum-skinned giant holds a scintillating horn in one hand; the other rests easily on his hip. A hint of a smile plays across his face, while lightning flashes constantly from his eyes.[11]

Golganneth is a male Aesir titan. His classes are Barbarian and Fighter.[12] He carries a horn named Shargahn.[11]

Creator of the seas and skies, Golganneth is the father of Azeroth's sea giants and loves flying and swimming creatures above all else. He has a massive laugh, which he uses often, and a fine sense of humor. Aman'Thul's mighty son, Golganneth is a diligent, energetic titan who takes great joy in all he does. He revels most of all in storm and the rage of the winds; though he exists to bring order, of all the titans he secretly loves the fury of nature. When angered, he is truly frightening.[11]

Golganneth influences the seas and skies, and their native beings. Azeroth's sea giants venerate Golganneth and hold small ceremonies several times a year in his honor. These ceremonies involve the crafting and sounding of musical horns and the feeding of small fish.[11]

In Hearthstone[]

Hearthstone This section contains information exclusive to Hearthstone and is considered non-canon.
  • Golganneth appears as a legendary shaman minion in the TITANS expansion. His flavor text reads: "With dominion over the seas and skies, Golganneth fearlessly wields the power of nature to serve the Pantheon." His three Titan abilities are Lord of the Skies, Roaring Oceans, and Shargahn's Wrath. This is notably the only time outside of the non-canon Warcraft RPG that Golganneth's horn is specifically called Shargahn.


Golganneth has some similarities to the "thunderer" archetype, of which the Norse god Thor is a famous example. Shargahn also has a tie with Thor's hammer, Mjollnir, in that neither are traditionally weapons (in old Nordic times hammers were used exclusively as tools, and were considered a very strange choice for a weapon). Golganneth's horn is more reminiscent of Heimdall, but his province of the sea and storms most closely links him with Njord, also of the Norse pantheon, or Poseidon/Neptune, Greco-Roman mythology, respectively.[13]


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