MobGolmash Hellscream
Image of Golmash Hellscream
Title The Giantslayer
Gender Male
Race Orc (Undead)
Level 35-40 Elite
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Warsong clan / alternate Warsong clan
Location Ancestral Grounds, Nagrand
Status Deceased (both universes)[1]
Relative(s) Grommash / alternate Grommash (son), Golka (daughter-in-law), Garrosh / Exarch Hellscream (grandson)

Golmash Hellscream, known as the Giantslayer, was the father of Grommash Hellscream and the father of the Hellscream name. His death came in battle, crushed to death in the jaws of a hulking gronn. But Golmash still found the strength to stab with his axe, Gorehowl, into the gronn's eye, bringing it down with him. When they fell, it was the gronn who died first.[2]

Putting Golmash's spirit to rest is the objective of the quest N [35-40] Golmash Hellscream.


  • Spell shadow coneofsilence.png  Cry of the Warsong — Knocks all nearby enemies back inflicting Shadow damage. 
  • Inv sword 1h cataclysm b 02.png  Hewing Swipe — Inflicts Physical damage to all enemies in a cone 7 yards in front of the caster. 
  • Spell fire elementaldevastation.png  Incorporeal — Fades between this world and the next reducing damage taken by 99% for 3 sec. 
  • Achievement halloween ghost 01.png  Phantasm — Fades out of existance and appears behind an enemy. 
  • Spell shaman earthquake.png  Sunder — Crushes the current target, inflicting 0 Physical damage and knocking them down. 


You dare approach the Giantslayer? I will cleave your head from your body!
For the glory of the Warsong, I will crush you!
Why do I feel no pain from your blows?
I see now... this is not my death. My death was long ago... and it was glorious!


  • Golmash was probably not the chieftain of the Warsong clan before Grom, as Grom is rumored to have killed that chieftain.[3]

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