NeutralGor'vosh clan
Race(s) OgreOgre Ogre
Base of operations Ashmaul Burial Grounds
Theater of operations Ashran, Draenor
Status Active

The Gor'vosh clan is an ogre clan found in Ashran in eastern Draenor. They are hostile to both Alliance and Horde.


The Gor'vosh ogres appear to make their home in Ashmaul Burial Grounds, an outlying area in southwestern Ashran. As well as warriors and mages, the Gor'vosh clan is notable for its necromancers, who seem to have raised a substantial number of undead in the area. The clan also features Stoneshapers.

The Gor'vosh appear to have a rivalry with the Ashmaul clan, ogres found in Brute's Rise in northeastern Ashran known for wielding the power of fire. Slaying enemies in the Burial Grounds has a chance to grant players the "Gor'vosh Vengeance" buff, increasing damage dealt to enemies in Brute's Rise as well as increasing their chance of dropping Artifact Fragments. This sentiment is apparently reciprocated by the Ashmaul, whose "Ashmaul Vengeance" buff similarly grants bonuses toward the slaying of enemies in the Burial Grounds. Given the name of the area, it seems likely that the undead being raised by the Gor'vosh were once Ashmaul.

According to the Captured Gor'vosh Stoneshapers found in Brute's Rise, the Ashmaul are unable to overcome the Gor'vosh's Boulder Shield magic, choosing instead to imprison the impervious ogres.