For the clan from the main universe, see Gordunni clan.
Main leader  Witch Lord Morkurk
Secondary leaders Gordali Council
Race(s) OgreOgre Ogre
Capital Gordal Fortress
Theater of operations Gordal Foothills, Talador
Affiliation Gorian Empire, Iron Horde
Status Active

The Gordunni are a clan of ogres affiliated with the Gorian Empire that reside in Gordal Fortress in Talador. They are led by Witch Lord Morkurk.[1]


Pre-Iron Horde

From within their well-defended fortress, built atop a mountain rich in  [Jovite Ore],[2] the Gordunni have historically raided Shattrath and its citizens, obtaining an impressive array of Draenic weaponry in the process.[3]

Recent history

Through the maneuverings of their leader, Witch Lord Morkurk,[1] they have formed a trade agreement with the Iron Horde, trading them Jovite[2] and enchanting their weapons for them.[4] In return, they were gifted with replicas of the high-quality weapons created by Morketh Bladehowl that they now mockingly use as toothpicks,[5] and Morkurk himself was given Bladehowl's prized mace, the  [Fury of the Forge].[1] Morkurk has also been recently outfitting his minions with enchanted  [Gordunni Runebeads] to bolster their power,[6] and has further fortified his fortress with arcane wards.[7]

Gordali Council

The Gordali Council is a small oligarchy of powerful ogre mages that serve as lieutenants to Morkurk. They are fiercely loyal to the Witch Lord, and would rush to his aid, were he to ever come under attack.[8]


Gordunni ogres

Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
  • Gordunni Warpbinder
  • Gordunni Magi


  • Gordunni Boulderthrower


  • There is a collection of level 95 uncommon cloth armor named after the Gordunni.[9]