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The Gorebound are orcs and demons loyal to the warlock Teron'gor.[1][2] Though originally made up of green-skinned orcs of the Shadow Council in Talador, after Gul'dan took leadership of the Iron Horde brown-skinned Gorebound soldiers can be found within Tanaan Jungle and Hellfire Citadel.



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As the village of Gul'rok is speculated to have belonged to the Bonechewer clan, it is correspondingly possible that the original Gorebound orcs were Bonechewers as well.


  1. ^ Gorebound Demonguard says: Teron'gor does not desire further disturbances. Dispose of the intruder!
  2. ^ Gorebound Legionnaire says: Teron'gor... my soul is yours...