Gorgoa: River of Souls

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Gorgoa: River of Souls

Gorgoa: River of Souls bisects the mainland of the Maw from southwest [16, 58] to northeast [55, 11]. A protean force,[1] Gorgoa represents all of the souls passing from Oribos to Torghast and is what the Soul Pillar becomes after it enters the Maw. The countless Stygian Souls flowing through it causes the interior of Gorgoa to be filled with an unbearable cacophony of voices.[2] Soul seekers patrol the head of the river—the Crucible of the Damned—and watch for any souls who try to escape.[1] For unknown reasons, the Mawsworn have begun harvesting the misery of the river's souls.[3]

Gorgoa is bordered on the south by Zovaal's Cauldron and Detrithos, and on the north by the Crucible of the Damned, Calcis, and the Planes of Torment. A special mechanic is the Gorgoan Lament, which increases damage taken and dealt by 3% a stack indefinitely while in the area, stacking 10 times (+30% incoming/outgoing damage).

Notable inhabitants

Notes and trivia

  • If the player attempts to jump into Gorgoa while accompanied by Darion Mograine during the early parts of the Shadowlands intro experience, Darion will [Death Grip] them out and say That river is no place for the living. Best to avoid it at all costs.
  • As a river of souls, Gorgoa is likely a reference to the various rivers of the Greek underworld, such as Styx. However, its name is more similar to the ancient Greek word gorgós, meaning "grim" or "dreadful", which is also the origin of the word Gorgon.


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