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NeutralGorgog the Gronnslayer
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Gender Male
Race Ogre
Affiliation(s) Gorian Empire
Location Unknown
Status Deceased

Gorgog the Gronnslayer, born Gog, was the founder of the Gorian Empire. He broke the bodies of the gronn, opened their bones and ate their marrow to prove they were not gods, and raised up their skeletons so others could see his victory. He built his hall too large for any family to fill, and soon his home was an empire.[1]


Gog lived one thousand years before the opening of the Dark Portal. Yonzi, the leader of a small group of remnants from the Apexis arakkoa that had been destroyed two hundred years before, learned of a critical cache of Apexis artifacts buried beneath the ruins of an Apexis settlement on the northwest coast of Talador now occupied by the ogron and their ogre slaves. Ogron were too violent to barter and bargain with, but the ogres were more intelligent than the ogron, and more importantly, angered by their enslavement.[2]

The arakkoa approached the ogres in secret and began to teach them the ways of the arcane. Because the ogres were descendants of Grond who was in turn a creation of the titan Aggramar, they were naturally attuned to the arcane. The arakkoa had never seen new spellcasting techniques developed so effortlessly and were delighted. One of the first ogres to master the power was Gog, who the arakkoa believed to be the perfect leader to incite rebellion. Gog did rebel, but not against the ogron: he targeted the gronn, whom the ogron and ogres revered and feared as gods. Though stunned, the arakkoa could not argue with the results. Gog did not only kill one gronn with his magic, but several. By his fifth, stories of his deeds were known to all captive ogres on Draenor, erasing their fear of both gronn and ogron. Under Gog, the ogres rose up against their ogron warlords and Gog was renamed Gorgog: "King Gog". The city became Goria, "Throne of the King".[2]

The arakkoa quickly moved into Goria to search for Apexis Crystals and artifacts in the ruins Goria was built on, but Gorgog denied them. As a sorcerer himself, he had no interest in giving away any potential source of power. The arakkoa left, but not for long. Yonzi and his arakkoa were infuriated and they decided to take the land by force. They launched a surprise attack on Goria in the dead of night, but Gorgog and his apprentice arcanists, as well as the countless newly freed ogres, fought back. The arakkoa were defeated and Yonzi was captured. His death was slow and gruesome. Despite the promise of undiscovered Apexis crystals, further arakkoa incursions into Gorian lands were few and far between afterward. In the slowly expanding Gorian Empire Apexis crystals became highly prized and eagerly sought out by ogre sorcerers.[2]