Gorgrond Finale was a scenario that took place in the Iron Docks in Gorgrond.


Stage 1 – Speak with Durotan
Stage 2 – Get to the Machinehouse
  • Escort your group northward, toward the Machinehouse.
Stage 3 – Goraluk Anvilcrack
Stage 4 – Get to Supply Depot

Get to the Supply Depot.

Stage 5 – Survive Iron Horde Onslaught
  • Survive against waves of Iron Horde orcs. Use explosive barrels against them.
Stage 6 – Get to Central Dock
Stage 7 – Get on the Barge
  • Speak with Rokk to get launched onto the Wavemurder Barge.
Final Stage – Destroy the Wavemurder Barge
  • Destroy the Wavemurder Barge.

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