• Gorick's Stash List
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Spy Documentation - for Dark Iron eyes only"
  • Sell Price: 12c

Gorick's Stash List is a common item.


Gorick's Stash List

Detailed herein are all of the locations used to secret our information within Loch Modan while awaiting pickup. Should you manage to obtain any documents from the Explorers' League or their allies, place them in one of these locations and one of our messengers will pick the package up within the week for delivery to our base of operations.

Once you have memorized all of the locations within this book, burn it so that it cannot be obtained by our enemies. Should you suspect for any reason that our enemies might be suspicious of your activities, burn the book immediately. By no means should this ever fall into enemy hands, lest our routes of communication be compromised.

For Ragnaros!

Location 1: Western Loch Dock

Northeast of Thelsamar, there is a small dwelling and a dock that are utilized by dwarves on occasion during fishing season. Store the package in a watertight contained under the dock, out of sight.

Drop offs and pickups from this location should occur only at night as to reduce risk of being witnessed by fishermen in the area. This dropoff point will receive reduced priority during the fishing season for obvious reasons.

Location 2: Grizzlepaw Den

South of Thelsamar, there is a large hill. On the south side of the hill, there is a path leading to the cave at the top. Store packages behind the rocks in the back of the cave.

Please refrain from continued use of this cave as a shelter and/or hideout. Utilizing this cave for such compromises the security of our packages and our messenger routes.

Location 3: Shanda's Lair

There is a small hovel to the southwest of the excavation site that once belonged to a reclusive hermit. Shanda's residence in this cave, however, has driven all potential inhabitants away. Just outside the mouth of the cave serves as a perfect drop point.

As a reminder, Shanda is an enormous murderous spider the size of two dwarves. Do not drop documents IN the cave, even if Shanda is not currently present; she will be, given time.

Location 4: Ironband's Cubby

A side passage in the heart of Ironband's Excavation Site leads up to a well-hidden and disused alcove. Hidden right under the noses of the Explorers' League, this is a prime dropoff spot,

The troggs have distracted the Explorers' League, but do not forget they are still hostile to us. Take care when accessing the site at night, troggs may be waiting in ambush.

Location 5: Mo'grash Skull Idol

This stone skull idol seems like part of the ogre grounds, but is further south than the ogres actually roam. Place documents at the base of it.

Do NOT place documents IN the mouth of the skull idol. Several documents have been permanently lost this way, as well as one hand, mysteriously.

Location 6: The Grove in the Loch

A small grove of three saplings in the center of the Loch serves as a well-isolated drop off point.

Draining of the Loch has left this space slightly less isolated. The crocolisks have helped to mitigate this.


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