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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Gorshalach the Dark Render is the most powerful weapon in the universe. This massive greatsword was originally wielded by Sargeras while he was the Champion of the Titan Pantheon. When Sargeras fell to his madness, Gorshalach, being semi-sentient, sundered itself into two 'Shatterbound pieces' to prevent the fallen titan from wielding it. One fragment was claimed by Sargeras and reforged into Gorribal, while the other was claimed by Aggramar and reforged into Taeshalach. If both fragments are ever possessed by a non-evil being, they can be combined to reform Gorshalach.[1]


  • In canon, the Sword of Sargeras is never given a name. The non-canonical RPG's origins are also contradicted, as in canon, Sargeras and Aggramar's weapons were always different, and unnamed, separate blades. Then, both swords shattered in a duel, when Sargeras betrayed the Pantheon.[2]
  • There is a trinket called  [Gorshalach's Legacy].