Gorsik the Tumultuous

Neutral 32.png Gorsik the Tumultuous
Gorsik the Tumultuous.jpg
Image of Gorsik the Tumultuous
Gender Male
Race Stone Lord (Elemental)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Therazane
Location Various
Status Alive

Gorsik the Tumultuous is an elite stone lord located in Crimson Expanse, Deepholm. Symbolizing earth's potential for change, Gorsik is more impulsive and temperamental than most of his brothers. He is more similar to Boden the Imposing in this regard. He is charged with clearing the Crimson Expanse of the corruption and stone troggs that infest the area.

Ruberick appears to be in his service.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Crimson Expanse 83 354,800
Twilight Precipice 83 2,684,050




My brothers are strong, but my brothers are passive.

Change does not occur without movement, contention, and violence. Our enemies live this, whether they fully realize it or not. The passive nature of my brothers makes them weak and vulnerable to these new enemies.

Not I. I have no fear of charge. I will tear of change. I will tear at the ground and move the mountains. I embrace change.

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  • Now to destroy this foul substance.
  • Screams.
  • Run all you want whelps!
  • You built your dwelling upon our very rock face. Your arrogance shall be your undoing.
  • Soon you shall be nothing more than a stain to clean off of my foot.


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