Grace of Air Totem
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Usable by
Class Shaman
School Nature
Cooldown None/Global Cooldown
Improvements Section
Related buff
Spell nature invisibilitytotem.png
  • Grace of Air
  • Increases Agility by X.


The totem buffs party members and the caster with a temporary agility bonus to their basic attributes within 20 yards. The buff is added directly to the character(s)' attributes.

Rank Table

Rank Level Type Mana Cost Description Cost Duration
1 42 Enhancement 155 Increases the agility of party members by 43. 1g 44s 2.00min.
2 56 Enhancement 250 Increases the agility of party members by 67. 2g 70s 2.00min.
3 60 Enhancement 310 Increases the agility of party members by 77. 5g 85s 2.00min.


Talents that can improve the totem:


  • Very useful for hunters and feral druids (they get bonuses to damage, crit rate, and dodge from the improved agility).
  • Rogues also benefit from these effects, but as they attack using melee weapons, [Windfury Totem] is still considered better for them. Note that windfury will have no effect if the rogue is using poison on their mainhand weapon.
  • Somewhat useful for warriors and melee shaman(Crit rate, dodge), but [Windfury Totem] is far superior for these. Melee shaman will have their own, better [Windfury Weapon] buff, thus windfury totem is obselete, and this totem is more useful
  • Slightly useful to other classes (dodge improvement only).

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