Gramma Stonefield's Note

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This item is provided for A [6] Note to William.


Hello William,

It's been years since we've spoken, but I trust you and your brother are well, and that your apothecary thrives.

I must ask a favor of you, William. In short, my grandson Tommy Joe has lost his heart to young Maybell Maclure. And although they adore each other... our families, well our families have been feuding for years.

I fear the war between the Stonefields and the Maclures will kill Tommy Joe and Maybell's blossoming romance, and in times like these - where dark news and rumors of war loom over us - youth and love must be nurtured.

So, the favor: I ask that you use your skills and concoct a potion or elixir to aid these young lovers in their quest for each other.

Thank you, William. And please, when you have some time away from work, come visit. We'll have a few chuckles over the past.


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