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For the character from an alternate universe, see Romuul (alternate universe).
AllianceGrand Artificer Romuul
Image of Grand Artificer Romuul
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Artificer (Engineer)
Location Various
Status Alive
Velen rallies Vindicaar

The forces aboard the Vindicaar prepare to assault Argus.

Grand Artificer Romuul (pronounced RO-mul)[1] is a draenei artificer of the Exodar. After the death of O'ros and High General Rakeesh during the Burning Legion's attack, Prophet Velen ordered him to begin repairs on the Vindicaar so the draenei can go home.[2]

Romuul has been an artificer since before the escape from Argus. He had his own workshop in Eredath, and likely lived in the area.[3]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Vindicaar 110 7,311
Image of Grand Artificer Romuul 110 2,437
Vindicaar (Argus the Unmaker defeated) 110 4,881,229
Vindicaar (Allied Race: Lightforged Draenei) 110 27,408



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  • I lend you my strength.
  • Come, speak with me.
  • Our time is now, hero.
  • The Vindicaar is at your disposal.
  • We WILL endure.
  • May the Legion fall before you.
On Argus
The Vindicaar is yours to command.
Gossip Take me to the surface.
Above Azeroth
The Vindicaar awaits its next voyage.
As do I.



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