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BossGrand Empress Shek'zeer
Image of Grand Empress Shek'zeer
Gender Female
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Heart of Fear
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable (WoW)
Heart of Fear

Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
Blade Lord Ta'yak
Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Amber-Shaper Un'sok
Grand Empress Shek'zeer


"Even in my sleep, I hear her terror. Fear grips her mind and body. The Empress is no longer fit to rule the empire."
Korven the Prime[1]

Grand Empress Shek'zeer was the Sha-corrupted ruler of the mantid, and the final boss of the Heart of Fear.

Shek'zeer is the main antagonist of the Dread Wastes storyline and is the one responsible for the mantid swarm plaguing Pandaria. Despite the Sha driving her being a remnant of the mantid's patron god Y'Shaarj, the Klaxxi and their Paragons believed the Empress was leading their race to ruin and made it their goal to depose her. They were successful with the aid of the adventurers who awakened them. She is responsible for the deaths of Klaxxi'va Ik, Klaxxi'va Kek, Klaxxi'va Krik, Klaxxi'va Set and Klaxxi'va Zan.

Upon her death, her soul entered the Shadowlands and was later harvested of essence by the death knights of the Ebon Blade.[2]


Adventure Guide[]

The ancient Klaxxi order has come to a mournful decision: the tainted grand empress Shek'zeer must be deposed. Traditionally, mantid rulers are displaced in their old age by a carefully chosen successor. However, Shek'zeer's intended replacement is still too young and weak to unseat her, leaving the Klaxxi with no choice but to kill the current empress. If action is not taken against her soon, all of Pandaria may crumble before the mantid's ravenous swarms.

Spells and abilities[]

Stage 1: A Perilous Battle[]

Grand Empress Shek'zeer health:

  • 10: 196,261,648
  • 10H: 307,476,567
  • LFR: 457,943,840
  • 25: 610,591,808
  • 25H: 940,311,360
  • Spell holy persecution Dissonance Field — The Empress creates a dissonance field which disrupts the sound associated with magic.[Notes 1] The dissonance field absorbs nearby magical effects until it runs out of resonance. Once its resonance depletes, the field erupts in a Sonic Discharge. Players casting magical effects inside the dissonance field also deplete it of resonance.
    • Spell holy persecution Sonic Discharge — The Sonic Discharge inflicts 139,425 to 146,575[Notes 2] Physical damage to all players.
  • Sha spell fire felfirenova Corrupted Dissonance Field Heroic Difficulty — The Sha of Fear corrupts a dissonance field, causing it to inflict 39,000 to 41,000 [Notes 3] Shadow damage to random players until the dissonance field discharges. Cast on Heroic mode only.
  • Inv gizmo hardenedadamantitetube Eyes of the Empress Tank Alert — The Empress gazes deeply into the eyes of her current target, inflicting the target with the Eyes of the Empress effect. This effect stacks up to 5 times. The Empress charms and transforms a player into a Servant of the Empress if the effect reaches maximum stacks.
    • Servant of the Empress — A player transformed and charmed by the Empress into her servant inflicts 200% more damage and 200% more healing, has 300% increased health, and becomes immune to crowd control effects and snares.
  • Ability vehicle sonicshockwave Dread Screech — Grand Empress Shek'zeer lets loose a Dread Screech at two random players, inflicting 29,250 to 30,750[Notes 4] Physical damage to each player and their nearby allies within 5 yards. In 25 Player raids, Shek'zeer looses a Dread Screech at five random players.
  • Spell shadow coneofsilence Cry of Terror — The Empress incites terror on a random player, causing them to inflict 26,325 to 27,675[Notes 5] Shadow damage to players every 2 sec.

Stage 2: The Empress Retreats![]

When the Empress runs out of sha energy, she retreats to her chrysalis and calls for her royal guard.

  • Ability warrior battleshout Band of Valor — Members of the Empress' Royal Guard inflict 5% more damage for every other member of the Royal Guard within 8 yards.

Set'thik Windblade[]

Set'thik Windblade health:

  • 10: 8,431,840
  • LFR: 18,971,640
  • 25: 25,295,520
  • Ability hunter markedfordeath Fixate — The Set'thik Windblade fixates on a random player for 30 sec.
  • Inv sword 2h mantid 01 Dispatch Interruptible — The Set'thik Windblade periodically shoots blades at random players, inflicting 28,275 to 31,725[Notes 6] Physical damage.
  • Ability vehicle sonicshockwave Sonic Blade — The Set'thik Windblade slashes his current target with a sonic blade, dealing 150% weapon damage and interrupting spellcast.
  • Spell fire ragnaros supernova Sticky Resin Important — The Set'thik Windblade coats the ground in a sticky resin which clings to players that pass through it, slowing their movement speed by 30% and inflicting 15,000[Notes 7] Nature damage every 1 second. When resin comes into contact with other resin, it will slide off of the player and back onto the ground. Amassing enough amber resin into one area causes it to congeal and harden, forming an Amber Trap.
    • Trade archaeology insect in amber Amber Trap Important — Being encased in amber deals 5% of the encapsulated victim's health every 2 seconds.

Kor'thik Reaver[]

Kor'thik Reaver health:

  • 10: 42,159,200
  • 10H: 62,817,208
  • LFR: 21,079,600
  • 25: 126,477,600
  • 25H: 188,451,616
  • Rogue paralytic poison Poison Bomb — The Kor'thik Reaver hurls poison bombs at random players, inflicting 30,833 to 32,414[Notes 8] Nature damage initially and 5,850 to 6,150[Notes 9] damage every 2 seconds to a random enemy.
  • Spell nature corrosivebreath Toxic Slime — The Kor'thik Reaver inflicts 43,875 to 46,125[Notes 10] Nature damage to players in a 30 yard cone in front of it.
  • Ability creature poison 06 Poison-Drenched Armor Tank Alert — The poison-drenched blades of the Kor'thik Reaver seeps into every pore of his current enemy target, causing them to erupt with a toxic substance. The fumes from this poison cause the attacks of nearby friendly players to occasionally deal additional 48,750 to 51,250 Nature damage.

Stage 3: Ultimate Corruption![]

At 30% remaining health, the Sha of Fear breaks the Empress' chrysalis and imbues her with a profound corruption.

  • Inv gizmo hardenedadamantitetube Eyes of the Empress Tank Alert — The Empress gazes deeply into the eyes of her current target, inflicting the target with the Eyes of the Empress effect. This effect stacks up to 5 times. The Empress charms and transforms a player into a Servant of the Empress if the effect reaches maximum stacks.
    • Servant of the Empress — A player transformed and charmed by the Empress into her servant inflicts 200% more damage and 200% more healing, has 300% increased health, and becomes immune to crowd control effects and snares.
  • Spell shadow mindtwisting Sha Energy — Grand Empress Shek'zeer emits Sha Energy at two random players, inflicting 40,000[Notes 11] Shadow damage. In 25 Player raids, Shek'zeer emits Sha Energy at five random players.
  • Spell shadow ritualofsacrifice Calamity — The Empress inflicts Shadow damage to each player equal to 50% of their current health.
  • Spell shadow shadowpower Consuming Terror Magic Effect — The Empress unleashes a Consuming Terror in a 60 yard cone in front of her, inflicting 126,750 to 133,250[Notes 12] Shadow damage and fearing players within the cone for 8 sec.
  • Spell shadow shadowmend Amassing Darkness — Grand Empress Shek'zeer weaves shadows at a random player, inflicting 15,076 to 16,919[Notes 13] Shadow damage. This effect will hit an additional enemy every 6 seconds, until it is eventually hitting all enemy players. In 25 Player raids, Amassing Darkness hits an additional enemy every 2 seconds.
  • Inv misc eye 03 Visions of Demise Magic Effect — The Empress inflicts on two random players a vision of their own demise. The vision reveals itself to the player after 4 sec., causing them to suffer in fear and inflict 4,875 to 5,125[Notes 14] Shadow damage every 1 sec. to all players within 8 yards for 20 sec.
  • Sha inv elemental primal shadow Heart of Fear Heroic Difficulty — The Empress unleashes a swirling heart of dark energy, which targets a random player and inflicts Shadow damage in their direction. If a player stands between the heart and a targeted player, then they take the damage instead of the target. Cast in Heroic mode only. Hits for 292.5-307.5K Shadow damage.


  1. ^ Dissonance Field damage per 1 sec:
    • 10: 29,250-30,750
    • 10H: 24,375-25,625
    • LFR: 19,500-20,500
    • 25: 29,250-30,750
    • 25H: 24,375-25,625
  2. ^ Sonic Discharge damage:
    • 10: 195-205K
    • 10H: 268-282K
    • LFR: 139-146K
    • 25: 214-225K
    • 25H: 292-307K
  3. ^ Corrupted Dissonance Field damage:
    • 10H: 39-41K
    • 25H: 43-45K
  4. ^ Dread Screech damage:
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    • 10H: 117-123K
    • LFR: 50.7-53.3K
    • 25: 78-82K
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  5. ^ Cry of Terror damage per 2 sec:
    • 10: 42.9-45.1K
    • 10H: 70.2-73.8K
    • LFR: 26.3-27.6K
    • 25: 46.8-49.2K
    • 25H: 73.1-76.8K
  6. ^ Dispatch damage:
    • 10: 67,860-76,140
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    • LFR: 28,275-31,725
    • 25: 67,860-76,140
    • 25H: 188.5-211.5K
  7. ^ Sticky Resin damage per 1 sec:
    • 10: 25K
    • 10H: 50K
    • LFR: 15K
    • 25: 25K
    • 25H: 50K
  8. ^ Poison Bomb initial damage:
    • 10: 43.8-46.1K
    • 10H: 81.9-86.1K
    • LFR: 30.8-32.4K
    • 25: 47.3-49.7K
    • 25H: 91.6-96.3K
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    • 25H: 14.6-15.3K
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    • 25: 87.7-92.2K
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  11. ^ Sha Energy damage:
    • 10: 55K
    • 10H: 78K
    • LFR: 40K
    • 25: 60K
    • 25H: 80K
  12. ^ Consuming Terror damage:
    • 10: 195-205K
    • 10H: 317-333K
    • LFR: 127-133K
    • 25: 195-205K
    • 25H: 317-333K
  13. ^ Amassing Darkness damage:
    • 10: 47.1-52.9K
    • 10H: 70.7-79.3K
    • LFR: 15-17K
    • 25: 56.5-63.4K
    • 25H: 85.7-96.2K
  14. ^ Visions of Demise damage per 1 sec:
    • 10: 29.2-30.7K
    • 10H: 97.5-102.5K
    • LFR: 4.9-5.1K
    • 25: 34.1-35.8K
    • 25H: 121.8-128.1K


Shek'zeer is a three-phase encounter, cycling between phases one and two until she reaches 30% health.

Phase one[]

Start out with the two tanks charging in and the rest of the raid spreading out in a wide semi-circle in front of her to avoid Dread Screech splash damage. The tanks will need to taunt off each other after every few Eyes of the Empress casts, as if it reaches five stacks, her current target will be charmed and deal a lot of damage to the raid.

Shek'zeer will summon three Dissonance Fields at random locations in the raid. Dissonance Fields absorb magic cast by players, whether voluntarily or not. This is useful for mitigating the Cry of Terror, where a randomly selected player deals Shadow damage to the entire raid every two seconds unless standing in the field. After absorbing enough magic, the field will explode with a Sonic Discharge, doing a healthy chunk of raid-wide damage. It is very important to get the three Fields to pop at different times to keep the fields from dealing unhealable amounts of damage to the entire raid.

In Heroic mode, the Sha of Fear will occasionally Corrupt a Dissonance Field, causing it to deal Shadow damage to random members of the raid until the field discharges.

Phase one lasts until Shek'zeer runs out of sha energy (150 seconds) or she reaches 30% health. Sha energy is displayed as her power bar that counts down from 150. When she runs out, she will retreat and summon her royal guard, starting phase two.

Phase two[]

Phase two brings out royal guard, in the form of several Set'thik Windblades and Kor'thik Reavers. All guards within eight yards of each other are affected by the Band of Valor and deal 20% more and take 10% less damage for each guard within range. Thus, the most effective way to kill them is to keep them in two groups (one for each tank), then pull one away from the group and focus it down.

Reavers tend to lob Poison Bombs at random players but may use their frontal cone ability Toxic Slime. They will also inflict Poison-Drenched Armor on their current target, which causes that target to occasionally deal bonus Nature damage. Reavers have a huge amount of health, to the point that it is faster to use the amber traps to kill them. Let windblades create sticky resin pools and have players run through them to congeal them to amber traps, then kite reavers through the traps.

Windblades will either Fixate on a random target, who must kite it around the room lest it get hit with Sonic Blade, or channel an interruptible Dispatch ability, which acts much like a rogue's Ability rogue fanofknives [Fan of Knives]. Windblades also coat the ground with Sticky Resin, which acts as a void zone. If enough resin-coated players run into a pool of Sticky Resin, it will congeal into an Amber Trap, dealing 5% of the victim's health as damage every few seconds. The trap only works on mantid, not on players, so use this to defeat the reavers. Windblades will try to free trapped reavers, so focus on on the windblades to ensure the reaver dies in a reasonable amount of time.

Phase two lasts for a set length of time or until all adds are dead, at which point phase one restarts.

Phase three[]

At 30% remaining health, phase three begins. All members of the raid except the tanks should stack up immediately behind the empress for group healing purposes. Shek'zeer retains Eyes of the Empress, but otherwise gains a new set of abilities. She starts casting Sha Energy, dealing Shadow damage to 2-5 random players. She will also use Calamity, which knocks off half of each member of the raid's remaining (not total) health. She casts a dispelable Visions of Demise on a random player, which after four seconds causes that player to run in fear for 20 seconds and deal damage to nearby allies.

Her big ability this phase is Consuming Terror, which will do a large amount of damage and fear targets caught in a 70-yard cone in front of her for eight seconds. She also casts Amassing Darkness, which bounces a small amount of damage around the raid.

In Heroic mode difficulty, she will also cast a Heart of Fear in the direction of a random target. However, a player can stand between the heart and the target, taking the damage instead.


Item Type
Inv legendary sigilofwisdom [Sigil of Wisdom] Quest item
Inv chest chain 10 [Chest of the Shadowy Conqueror] (LFR · H) Armor token
Inv chest chain 10 [Chest of the Shadowy Protector] (LFR · H) Armor token
Inv chest chain 10 [Chest of the Shadowy Vanquisher] (LFR · H) Armor token
Inv hand 1h pandaraid d 02 [Claws of Shek'zeer] (LFR · H) Agility fist weapon
Inv helm mail raidhunter l 01 [Crown of the Doomed Empress] (LFR · H) Agility mail helm
Inv helm mail raidshaman l 01 [Hood of Dark Dreams] (LFR · H) Intellect mail helm
Inv mace 1h pandaraid d 03 [Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm] (LFR · H) Spirit mace
Inv pants cloth raidwarlock l 01 [Leggings of Shadow Infestation] (LFR · H) Caster cloth leggings
Inv pants plate raidwarrior l 01 [Legplates of Regal Reinforcement] (LFR · H) Tank plate leggings
Inv shoulder leather raidrogue l 01 [Shadow Heart Spaulders] (LFR · H) Agility leather shoulders

Related Achievements[]


Seal the gates! Bar the exits! Destroy these intruders!
Death to all who dare challenge my empire!
Cry of Terror
Sing... yes! Sing in agony!
Phase 2 (Retreats)
  • Power... I must have more power! Guards! Protect your empress!
  • More... more! I must have more!
Phase 2 (Returns)
Sha of Fear yells: You must destroy these outsiders, empress! They have come to conquer your people!
Grand Empress Shek'zeer yells: I will dispose of the outsiders.
  • Sha of Fear yells: The mantid are under MY command, fools. See how she succumbs to me.
Grand Empress Shek'zeer yells: Yes, master.
Eyes of the Empress
You will serve ME now!
Phase 3
Sha of Fear yells: No more excuses, Empress! Eliminate these cretins or I will kill you myself!
Killing a player
  • Taste defeat, stranger!
  • Breathe no longer!
Such is the fate of those who question authority.
Grand Empress Shek'zeer yells: Augh... ah ... I... have failed.
Sha of Fear yells: USELESS! Fall limp and die before me, wretched insect. Your kind are worthless to me!
Sha of Fear yells: As for the rest of you, seek me if you dare. Like the others, you will all die screaming.
Cackling madly, the Sha soars upward and smashes through the ceiling, disappearing from sight.



Heroic Guides[]

Raid Finder[]

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25-man Normal[]

Patch changes[]

  • Warlords of Draenor Hotfix (2014-10-17): Corrupted Dissonance Field's damage has been toned down.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-12-13): The Empress now always drops three tier-set tokens and three non-set items in the 25 player Heroic mode version of this encounter.
  • Mists of Pandaria Hotfix (2012-11-06):
    • Visions of Demise now inflicts damage immediately once cast.
    • The Empress will no longer become confused about what phase of the battle she's in.
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.


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