Grand Master Obalis

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NeutralGrand Master Obalis
Start Obalis
End Obalis
Level 1-60 (Requires 1)
Type Account
Category Battle Pets
Rewards  [Sack of Pet Supplies]
19g 40s
Previous B [1 - 60] Battle Pet Tamers: Cataclysm


Defeat Obalis in a pet battle.


You think yourself ready to challenge Pandaria? You truly believe that you can defeat the most powerful tamers in all of Azeroth?

I shall be the judge of that notion, <race>. Face me atop the Vir'naal Dam in Uldum, and we shall see if you are truly ready.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag cenarionherbbag.png [Sack of Pet Supplies]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


I have been proven wrong. You are prepared to face my greaters.


  1. B [1 - 60] A Brief Reprieve
  2. B [1 - 60] Battle Pet Tamers: Cataclysm
  3. N [1-60] Grand Master Obalis

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