MobGrand Necrolord Antiok
Image of Grand Necrolord Antiok
Gender Male
Race Undead (Undead)
Level 15-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Grand Necrolord of the Scourge
Location Wicked Coil, Dragonblight
Status Killable

Grand Necrolord Antiok rides upon the shoulder of Thiassi the Lightning Bringer, found on top of the Wicked Coil in Dragonblight. He is in charge of the effort to raise Galakrond to undeath.

Objective of


  • Flesh Harvest- Rends flesh from the bone.
  • Scream of Chaos- Fears all nearby enemies for 10 sec.
  • Shadow Bolt- Hurls a bolt of darkness at the target, dealing shadow damage.
  • Shroud of Lightning- Renders the caster immune to all damage.


Random quotes:

  • Soon the bones of Galakrond will rise from their eternal slumber and wreak havoc upon this world!
  • The Lich King demands more frost wyrms be sent to Angrathar! Meet his demands or face my wrath!
  • Faster, dogs! We mustn't relent in our assault against the interlopers!
  • Attackers are upon us! Let none through to this ancient grave!
  • Hear me, minions! Hear your lord, Antiok! Double your efforts or pay the consequences of failure!

On aggro after killing Thiassi:

  • You think you've won, mortal? Face the unbridled power of Antiok!
  • Behold! The Scythe of Antiok!

In-game reference

Mentioned in Account of the Raising of a Frost Wyrm, a book in Acherus: The Ebon Hold.

"With a gesture from Grand Necrolord Antiok, the bones shuddered and lurched above the ground, rotating slowly into place."


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