BossGrand Warlock Nethekurse
Image of Grand Warlock Nethekurse
Gender Male
Race Fel orc (Humanoid)
Level 22-32 Elite
Class Warlock
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Illidari
Former affiliation(s) Shadowmoon clan
Occupation Torturer of the Shattered Halls
Location Shattered Halls
Status Killable

Grand Warlock Nethekurse, a fel orc warlock, is the first boss of the Shattered Halls of Hellfire Citadel.

Adventure Guide

Nethekurse, once a shaman of the Shadowmoon clan, abandoned his reverence for the elements to master the art of wielding fel magic. The demonic energies at his command have left him a husk who finds delight only in torturing young fel orcs to test the limits of their mental and physical strength.


  • Ability warrior cleave.png  Shadow Cleave — Grand Warlock Nethekurse inflicts Shadow damage to a player and its nearest allies, affecting up to 3 targets.
  • Spell shadow deathcoil.png  Death Coil — Grand Warlock Nethekurse causes a player to run in horror for 4 sec, inflicting 1260 (+ 21.4% of Spell power) Shadow damage. Nethekurse gains 100% of the damage caused in health.
  • Spell shadow gathershadows.png  Lesser Shadow Fissure — Grand Warlock Nethekurse creates a fissure under a player, inflicting Shadow damage every second while they are inside of the fissure.
  • Inv sword 2h blood c 01.png  Dark Spin — When Grand Warlock Nethekurse reaches 25% remaining health, he spins wildly, inflicting Physical damage to all players within 0 yards and hurling bolts of dark magic that inflict Shadow damage.


When you approach Grand Warlock Nethekurse, he will have 4 non-elite Fel Orc Converts standing in front of him. After the 4th of these are killed (the order does not matter), Nethekurse will attack the group. Nethekurse has some humorous quips to say while the party is killing the Fel Converts. If the group takes too long to kill the last of the four, Nethekurse will kill it himself and aggro the party.

Throughout the fight, he will place down 'Void Zones' that will begin to do 1000 Shadow damage per second after 1 second of being placed. Moving out of these as soon as possible is advisable for everyone including the tank. You will get a second or two of warning that one of these zones is spawning when a translucent, circular red graphic appears around the player. The actual damage-dealing Void Zone appears as a purple vertical column, and will persist for a while. There may be a few of these active once the fight has begun.

He will also Death Coil random people which will do 2000 Shadow damage to the person hit, fear them for 4 seconds, and heal Nethekurse (presumably for 2000 HP).

At around 20% HP, Nethekurse will engage his 'Dark Spin' ability, in which he will begin to hit anyone directly around him for 2000 Physical damage and spit out Shadowbolts at random people in the group in rapid succession. The Shadowbolts hit for approximately 1500 Shadow Damage, and it is best to burn his remaining HP as quick as possible to limit deaths and a possible wipe. He will not move while enraged, so its best for the tank and any melee to back on out, and everyone can DPS from range, including the healer and tank if they can (warriors can use reflect if they can build enough rage). If a rogue is in the group, it is recommended that they save both the [Cloak of Shadows] and [Evasion] abilities until he begins this attack, as it will allow them to continue meleeing the boss for a longer amount of time.

So long as everyone pays attention to the void zones, the boss is relatively easy. Prayer of Shadow Protection, or Shadow Protection aura helps a lot, as do good sets of Shadow Protection armor and potions.


At one point, it was possible to be Death Coiled through the walls and doors of Nethekurse's room where players were then stuck; this has since been fixed.

Heroic Mode

He does some extra damage on heroic, but not significantly more. The Void Zones are far more deadly, as expected, but the same one second rule applies to get out of them. Getting to his room is often more of a challenge than taking him down.


Normal and Heroic Drops
Heroic Only Drops
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Death Coil on Fel Orc Convert
Run, coward, run!
Shadow Sear on Fel Orc Convert
Your pain amuses me!
Void Zone on Fel Orc Convert
Beg for your pitiful life!
Fel Orc Convert aggroed
  • You want him? Very well, take him!
  • You can have that one, I no longer need him!
  • Yes, beat him mercilessly! His skull is as thick as an ogre's!
  • Don't waste your time on that one, he's weak!
Fel Orc Convert dies
  • One pitiful wretch down. Go on, take another one!
  • I was going to kill him anyway!
  • Ah, what a waste... next!
  • (With 4 Fel Orc Converts dead) Thank you for saving me the trouble. Now it's my turn to have some fun!
  • (With 4 Fel Orc Converts alive) You wish to fight us all at once? This should be amusing!
Killing a player
  • You lose.
  • I had more fun torturing the peons!
  • I'm already bored!
  • Come on, show me a real fight!
  • Oh, just die!
What... a shame.


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