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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Graven one

The graven one seeks power from the deep well of death instead of from supplicating dark powers or acting as a sycophant for demonic entities. Unwholesome rites, sigils, and the shedding of one's mortal shell are all a small part of what graven ones seek. Eventually, they become masters over undeath. The graven ones' necromantic abilities make them natural allies of the Scourge, though many are Independent. The graven one must show that they have an affinity for death by spending at least one night buried in a graveyard during a new moon. The graven one concentrates on the creation, control, and conjuration of undead creatures. Unlike a necromancer, who preys upon the living for life energy, the graven one seeks to create undead in a perfect state to serve them as faithful and undying servants.

A bone scythe is created when a person first becomes a graven one, this weapon is an extension of the graven one's connection with death. As the graven one gains power, their power manifests through the weapon as well. The graven one can summon the bone scythe into their hand. Only the graven one or their awakened minion can wield the weapon. The graven one gains the ability to awaken a minion from the bones of a dead warrior or mage. They must steal the bones from the actual grave of a buried wizard, sorcerer, or fighter. The creation is a loyal skeletal warrior or skeletal mage that follows the graven one's verbal commands. The undead creation shares in the power of its master and becomes more powerful as the graven one advances in ability. The graven one can have only one minion at any time. If the minion is destroyed, the graven one can build another of the same or lower level of power. The graven one can summon a full set of plate armor made from interlocking bone and shadow. This suit provides them with all the benefits of a suit of full plate without any of the disadvantages. A highly skilled graven one becomes one of the undead. They no longer age or need to sleep (though they must spend time meditating to regain spells).[1]


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