Artwork of the Great Divide.

The Great Divide in-game.

The Great Divide is a huge lava-filled chasm created by the Cataclysm as a result of Deathwing's return. It sundered the Barrens in two and now serves as the dividing line between the Northern and Southern Barrens.

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the Fourth War, the Horde installed goblin Azerite cannons on the northern shore of the Great Divide in order to counter the firepower of Northwatch Hold.[1]


During the Cataclysm beta, the Great Divide was a no-fly zone and flying over it resulted in death. There was also no apparent way out of it.[2] This changed by the time patch 4.0.3a went live, but the fate of those who venture into it without a flying mount remains the same.

Those wishing to cross the Great Divide can travel to the border between the Northern Barrens, Southern Barrens and Stonetalon Mountains. Separate paths lead to the Alliance-controlled Honor's Stand and (via the High Road) Horde-controlled Hunter's Hill.

In Battle for Azeroth, Ali Buntblaster was added to the Southern Barrens side of the Great Divide while Rocketeer NX-01 High Jumpers are on the northern side to provide transport over the Great Divide.

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