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Great Vault

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The Great Vault
Great Vault interface

The Great Vault‏‎[65, 31] is a massive relic of the First Ones[1] located in the eastern end of the Hall of Holding in Oribos. It serves as a weekly reward system for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

The vault is overseen by the Caretaker Kah-Toll and two Attendant Protectors. The broker Ba'vol is interested in unlocking its mysteries.[1]


Type Objectives
Raids Defeat 3 Raid Bosses
Defeat 7 Raid Bosses
Defeat 10 Raid Bosses
Mythic+ Dungeons Complete 1 Mythic Dungeon
Complete 4 Mythic Dungeons
Complete 10 Mythic Dungeons
PvP Earn 1250 Honor Points from Rated PvP
Earn 2500 Honor Points from Rated PvP
Earn 6250 Honor Points from Rated PvP

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