Greatsword of Horrid Dreams (March of the Legion)

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Greatsword of Horrid Dreams
Greatsword of Horrid Dreams TCG Card.jpg
"The weapon bespeaks a legacy of pain and chaos! Wield it carefully, else you become mad from its visions." - Hekto Starspire
Faction Neutral
Type Weapon
Subtype Sword
Tags Melee(1)
Rules As an ally enters play under an opponent's control, it loses and can't have powers until the start of that opponent's next turn.
ATK type Melee
Strike cost 3
Cost 4
Class Mage,Paladin,Warlock
Set March of the Legion
Number 283/319
Rarity Rare
Artist Daarken
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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.