Grex Brainboiler

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NeutralGrex Brainboiler
Image of Grex Brainboiler
Title <Classic Alliance Cloth & Leather>
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 25-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Area 52, Netherstorm[33, 64]

Grex Brainboiler is a goblin vendor found in Area 52 in the Netherstorm. He sells vintage Level 60 PvP cloth and leather armor. In order to purchase from him you must have the appropriate Legacy achievement from the old PvP ranking system (eg: Horde [Legionnaire]; Alliance [Knight-Captain]).


Level 60 rare gear and Level 60 epic gear (Mage, Priest, Warlock, Druid, Rogue)


Item Cost
 [Replica Field Marshal's Coronal] 20g 71s 40c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Coronet] 21g 70s 95c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Dragonhide Breastplate] 28g 7s 95c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Dragonhide Helmet] 20g 94s 26c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Dragonhide Spaulders] 20g 79s 9c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Dreadweave Robe] 27g 97s 68c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Dreadweave Shoulders] 20g 86s 57c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Headdress] 21g 56s 61c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Leather Chestpiece] 28g 18s 22c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Leather Epaulets] 21g 39s 98c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Leather Mask] 21g 24s 81c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Satin Mantle] 21g 71s 99c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Satin Vestments] 29g 11s 78c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Silk Spaulders] 20g 40s 85c
 [Replica Field Marshal's Silk Vestments] 27g 16s 5c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Leggings 10g 91s 50c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Leggings 20g 84s 93c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dragonhide Tunic 10g 87s 65c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dreadweave Leggings 10g 72s 24c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dreadweave Legguards 20g 92s 63c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dreadweave Robe 9g 99s 36c
Replica Knight-Captain's Dreadweave Tunic 21g 34c
Replica Knight-Captain's Leather Armor 10g 72s 34c
Replica Knight-Captain's Leather Chestpiece 21g 8s 4c
Replica Knight-Captain's Leather Legguards 10g 80s 5c
Replica Knight-Captain's Leather Legguards 21g 15s 54c
Replica Knight-Captain's Satin Leggings 10g 41s 32c
Replica Knight-Captain's Satin Legguards 21g 38s 65c
Replica Knight-Captain's Satin Robes 10g 72s 76c
Replica Knight-Captain's Satin Tunic 21g 46s 15c
Replica Knight-Captain's Silk Leggings 10g 60s 89c
Replica Knight-Captain's Silk Legguards 21g 53s 85c
Replica Knight-Captain's Silk Raiment 10g 57s 4c
Replica Knight-Captain's Silk Tunic 21g 61s 56c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Belt 10g 81s 82c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Footwraps 7g 70s 69c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Gloves 5g 39s 29c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Grips 10g 67s 79c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dragonhide Treads 15g 95s 32c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Boots 7g 88s 31c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Gloves 5g 33s 37c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Handwraps 10g 75s 54c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Walkers 16g 6s 86c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Dreadweave Wrap 10g 20s 15c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Leather Boots 7g 67s 89c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Leather Clasp 10g 85s 70c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Leather Gauntlets 5g 37s 40c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Leather Grips 10g 83s 18c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Leather Walkers 16g 18s 23c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Satin Belt 10g 93s 34c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Satin Boots 7g 65s 24c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Satin Gloves 5g 17s 87c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Satin Handwraps 10g 98s 57c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Satin Walkers 14g 85s 12c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Silk Boots 7g 59s 39c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Silk Cinch 10g 89s 57c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Silk Gloves 5g 13s 89c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Silk Handwraps 10g 29s 26c
Replica Knight-Lieutenant's Silk Walkers 15g 37s 96c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Crown 7g 99s 84c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Diadem 7g 76s 62c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Epaulets 7g 41s 93c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Headguard 15g 20s 50c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Shoulders 15g 26s 27c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dragonhide Shroud 7g 44s 74c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dreadweave Cowl 15g 31s 88c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dreadweave Mantle 7g 50s 98c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Dreadweave Spaulders 15g 37s 65c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Headguard 7g 99s 76c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Leather Helm 15g 43s 42c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Leather Shoulders 15g 49s 18c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Leather Spaulders 8g 11s 30c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Leather Veil 8g 5s 61c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Satin Amice 8g 5s 92c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Satin Hood 15g 66s 33c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Satin Mantle 15g 72s 10c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Silk Cowl 15g 77s 71c
Replica Lieutenant Commander's Silk Spaulders 7g 97s 3c
 [Replica Marshal's Dragonhide Boots] 20g 2s 40c
 [Replica Marshal's Dragonhide Gauntlets] 13g 91s 47c
 [Replica Marshal's Dragonhide Legguards] 27g 87s 41c
 [Replica Marshal's Dreadweave Boots] 21g 9s 43c
 [Replica Marshal's Dreadweave Gloves] 14g 59s 18c
 [Replica Marshal's Dreadweave Leggings] 27g 77s 41c
 [Replica Marshal's Leather Footguards] 20g 56s 2c
 [Replica Marshal's Leather Handgrips] 14g 22s 19c
 [Replica Marshal's Leather Leggings] 28g 48s 76c
 [Replica Marshal's Satin Gloves] 13g 39s 82c
 [Replica Marshal's Satin Pants] 28g 91s 24c
 [Replica Marshal's Satin Sandals] 19g 86s 81c
 [Replica Marshal's Silk Footwraps] 21g 40s 40c
 [Replica Marshal's Silk Gloves] 14g 53s 18c
 [Replica Marshal's Silk Leggings] 29g 10s 12c
Replica Sergeant Major's Dragonhide Armsplints 10g 12s 92c
Replica Sergeant Major's Dragonhide Armsplints 4g 79s 28c
Replica Sergeant Major's Leather Armsplints 10g 5s 28c
Replica Sergeant Major's Leather Armsplints 4g 75s 63c
Replica Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs 10g 20s 67c
Replica Sergeant Major's Silk Cuffs 4g 82s 88c

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