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AllianceGreydon Thorne
Image of Greydon Thorne
Title Captain
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Stormwind
Former affiliation(s) Wavestrider, Order of the Seven Suns
Occupation Advisor to King Varian Wrynn
Former occupation(s) Captain of the Wavestrider, Leader of the Order of the Seven Suns
Location Stormwind City
Status Alive
Relative(s) Silverlaine (brother),
Ceya (former wife),
Aramar (son),
Makasa Flintwill ("daughter")
Companion(s) Wavestrider's crew (formerly)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Greydon Thorne is a human sailor from Stormwind, and the Captain of the Wavestrider.


Family and sea[]

At some point, Greydon Thorne was chosen as the leader of the Order of the Seven Suns, a group of five individuals dedicated to safeguarding an unnamed naaru. His brother Silverlaine also became a member.[1]

Approximately two years after the end of the Second War, Greydon Thorne visited Gadgetzan along with his younger brother Silverlaine. They entered a newly opened bookstore, run by the goblin Charnas. They were one of his first customers. Silverlaine left Greydon and Charnas to talk. The two then became great friends, and Greydon would visit him several times during the next 20 years.[2]

An unnamed naaru bestowed Greydon the Diamond Blade to give to the one he deemed best. However, Greydon kept it for himself, infuriating his brother. To prove his worth, Silverlaine later stole the sword from Greydon's quarters and went to defeat the dreadlord Xaraax who was capable of summoning the Darkstorm. However, the dreadlord convinced Silverlaine to join his side, betray the order and kill the naaru. After killing the naaru and shattering the Diamond Blade, Greydon settled in Stormwind.[1]

He met Ceya Northbrooke in Stormwind Harbor. After they married, they moved to Lakeshire in Redridge Mountains where they had a son named Aramar. On his 6th birthday, Greydon mysteriously vanished, abandoning his family who expected his return but gave up on this two years following the abandonment, after which Ceya got a divorce from Magistrate Solomon and married Robb Glade. His journey during the next years remained, but several events are known - he returned to the sea[3] got hold of a magical compass, and after two years he became the captain of the Wavestrider, a vessel which was converted from a frigate to a merchant vessel. In fact, the naaru survived in the form of the Voice of the Light and guided Greydon to finding the shards of the Diamond Blade across Azeroth and hiding them in places like Redridge, where he met and befriended a blue drake Telagos.[1]

Two years after the formation of the ship's crew, the ship sailed near the Stranglethorn Vale where Greydon and his crew witnessed two Bloodsail Buccaneers ships attacking a sole Blackwater Raiders ship. While the Orca left, the other one, the Killmonger remained to deal with the captured crew of the Sea King. Its captain, Ironpatch just killed the Flintwill brothers and was about to execute Makasa. In the meantime, Greydon and his crew had silently sneaked into the Killmonger, taking it, and then to the Sea King. As Ironpatch was about to swing his sword, Greydon parried the attack. The Wavestrider crew attacked the Bloodsails and freed the captured Raiders who joined the fight as well. As Ironpatch and Greydon fought, Makasa took her eldest brother's harpoon, aimed and tossed it at the orc captain, killing him. After the fight, Makasa asked Greydon to took her with him, as she now owed him a life debt. Makasa's fellow Joe Barker approached and told him that it is a custom of her people, so Thorne can't refuse. Seeing as he just lost his second and third mate, having seen Joe and Makasa fight, and conferring with Durgan One-God, he decided to take them as his new second and third mates respectively. As Joe just failed his own captain, he said that he would join Captain Thorne if he took Makasa as his second and Joe as his third. Greydon agreed. After burying the Flintwill brothers into the sea, he invited her to tell him about her life and Makasa came to knew the love of a father.[4] Greydon promised her that he would not use the life debt she now owed him.

Over one year later, he visited Charnas in Gadgetzan for the last time.[5] After this, the next known stop was the Eastern Kingdoms.


Six years after he left Redridge, a month after Aram's twelfth birthday, Greydon returned to Lakeshire and asked Ceya for his son to accompany him on a voyage across Azeroth for one year, knowing it will be hard. Aram hesitated, resented and didn't want to go with him but went regardless. Setting off from Stormwind Harbor, Greydon used the time and began instructing Aram in swordsfight as well as knowledge about the world.

Six months later, Greydon and his crew landed in Desolace where he traded with an acquaintance gnoll named Cackle of the Grimtail clan. From there they continued to a secret post named Flayers' Point where the ship's cook Jonas Cobb betrayed the crew to the Hidden led by Malus with whom Greydon had had a certain history tied with the compass. Upon learning of a mysterious figure and Cobb's odd behavior from Aramar, the crew hastily left Desolace hoping they would lose any potential pursuers. Despite this, Greydon and his crew prepared for a fight. Not soon after, an elven destroyer named the Inevitable gave chase to the Wavestrider and soon it attacked, boarding the merchant vessel.

Noticing his former nemesis Malus and realizing the battle lost, he quickly summoned Makasa and Aram. He asked Makasa to fulfill her life debt (which he had claimed would never ask for) and gave Aram the compass to protect at all costs. He pushed them to a boat and loosed them to the Veiled Sea's waters. The two youngsters then just watched as the Wavestrider exploded. They later encountered Reigol in Feralas who boasted that Aram would never see his father again in this world.[6] Although Malus stated that he killed Greydon,[7] Greydon was, in fact, imprisoned somewhere on Outland by Xaraax, the master of the Hidden, who has been trying to break him not only for the past two months since he was brought to Outland but in fact, for over 20 years.[8]


  • He is described as slim but muscled with thick dark hair and beard, both beginning to gray. His eye color is light gray.
  • Wavestrider's figurehead was carved under Greydon's strict specifics.
  • During the course of the events of the first book, Aram resented his father (even tearing and throwing a sketch of him) for not telling the reason of the abandonment but ultimately, upon reflecting on the true nature of the compass and the task Greydon gave him, the boy found peace with his father, albeit late. As a result, Aram pained a second sketch of Greydon and for the first time he signed it A. Thorne and continued to sign it like the for the next sketches.
  • During the fight between the two ships crews, Aram described his father as a strong artist with his cutlass. Makasa said something similar when she first encountered him.
  • It is said that nearly 20 years before the book's events, he visited Gadgetzan. Xaraax said that he has been tormenting Greydon for over 20 years.