Greyfang Enclave.

Greyfang Enclave in the Three Sisters comic.

The Greyfang Enclave, previously the Silver Enclave, is the Alliance district of Dalaran and the headquarters of the Silver Covenant, a group of high elves opposing the inclusion of the blood elves into the Kirin Tor, and serving as a military deterrent for any potential Horde uprising. The area is home to class trainers for all classes, city portals, and a mailbox.

Portals for the Sanctum of Light and the Netherlight Temple, Order Halls of the Knights of the Silver Hand and the Conclave, are present inside with some paladins and priests of both orders present around.

After the end of the Argus Campaign and the Burning Crusade, the portals were apparently removed, and Vereesa Windrunner returned to the Enclave with her two sons, Giramar and Galadin. After they got into an argument regarding the Windrunner sisters' reunion, Vereesa told them not to fight each other and left through a Silver Covenant portal to Eversong Woods to meet her two older sisters, Alleria Windrunner and Sylvanas Windrunner.[1]



  • When any Horde members approach the Enclave, they are immediately teleported away by the guards.


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