Greymane Manor, in the hills of Gilneas.

The telescope in the tower behind Greymane Manor.

Greymane Manor is a palatial estate high in the hills of western Gilneas, owned by Genn Greymane and his family. The manor was considered something of a safe bastion as Gilneas begun to crumble and collapse under the effects of the Cataclysm and the ongoing Forsaken invasion.[1][2] However, it was later abandoned as it was still vulnerable to Forsaken attacks.[3] It currently remains empty.


Stagecoach Carriage, down the hill
At the Manor

Notes and trivia

  • The observatory in the tower behind the manor[4] was frequently used by Genn.[5]
  • While entering this manor from the Ruins of Gilneas, players will enter Gilneas, rather than the ruins.
  • The building does not dismount players.
  • Since patch 5.0.4, the map in the Ruins of Gilneas version of the manor was bugged, showing a blank green screen; this bug remained unfixed by the time of patch 7.3.2, but was fixed at some point later. Phasing bugs are also prominent here, especially at the entrance; it is possible for players to phase in and out of each other's sight just by shifting a small distance.


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