For the mountain pass in Highmountain, see Greystone.

Greystone Relief

Greystone Relief is a mountainous area in which an encampment is located, just outside the walls of Greystone Keep in the far east of Tiragarde Sound. The camp was set up by the survivors of a mutiny within the nearby keep, and these loyalists continue to seek to defeat the traitors in the name of House Proudmoore.


Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

Following a coup in Greystone Keep while its commanding officer Tallis Skyheart was absent on patrol, mutineers seized control of the fortress and killed or expelled all forces loyal to House Proudmoore. Those who escaped Greystone chose not to flee and, instead, established a camp in Greystone Relief to continue the battle. Over time, the situation in the camp worsened, as the survivors remained too few to take back the keep and found themselves also beset by local saurolisks. With the aid of an emissary of the Alliance, the forces at Greystone Relief began to push back.

Many of the wounded in the area were recovered and treated,[1] while the number of saurolisks were thinned to reduce the threat.[2] An offensive against the mutineers also succeeded in killing their leader Fernn and his lieutenants,[3] while also decimating the keep's defenders.




  • Greystone Relief was originally named "Southport Relief" in the alpha and beta builds for Battle for Azeroth, with the same occurring for Greystone Keep.
    • This is reflected in the names of guards and other NPCs around the camp, whose names were erroneously not changed.


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