Griefing with the Enemy

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NeutralGriefing with the Enemy
The Everbloom
Level 100 (615)
Duration 4 hours
Followers 2
Mission Type Combat
Enemies IconSmall Botani.gif Earthshaper Telu
IconSmall Botani.gif Life Warden Gola
IconSmall InfestedHeavy.gif Dulhu
Follower XP 1,500
Bonus Chest 225 Garrison Resources


We dispatched a mage to deal with a hostile pack of genesaur, but now he's on their side. He must be infected. Time to send in the cavalry.


  • Type: Primal
  • Earthshaper Telu: Danger Zones
  • Life Warden Gola: Timed Battle
  • Dulhu: Wild Aggression


  • 1,500 follower XP


You will receive:

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