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The Grim Guzzler

The Grim Guzzler

The Grim Guzzler is located deep inside Blackrock Depths. It is part of Shadowforge City, and lies just beyond the Manufactory and before the Chamber of Enchantment.

The tavern is a large two-level area filled with mostly inebriated patrons. These patrons should remain neutral to adventurers unless they are aggravated.

According Mathias Shaw, the Grim Guzzler and his Brewfest alone are worth a detour in the depths of the world.[1]

There are also several named NPCs in the Grim Guzzler:

NPCs added after patch 2.4.3:

From patch 2.4.3 to patch 3.3.3, the Neutral Brewfest Spy was a dwarf present only during Brewfest holiday.

The Rear Door[]

At the rear of the upper level of the bar there is a door that leads to other parts of the Blackrock Depths. Plugger Spazzring holds the Inv misc key 03 [Grim Guzzler Key] which opens this door. Unfortunately, if you kill Plugger to get the key, it will aggro the bar patrons and if you steal the key (pickpocketing), Plugger will notice, stop serving drinks and aggro the bar patrons.

Another way to get wiped by all those mobs is stealing an ale or some food. This will cause Plugger to discover you and turn the patrons on the room hostile to you.

However there are at least two other ways to get this door open more or less safely, but the ability to unlock the last one is unavailable to newer players.

  1. Get Private Rocknot to blow the door open and kill Phalanx.
    1. Purchase six Inv drink 04 [Dark Iron Ale Mug]s from Plugger Spazzring (don't take them from nearby tables, this WILL aggro bar patrons).
    2. Speak to Private Rocknot directly across the room from Plugger.
    3. Give him two Mugs.
    4. Speak to Private Rocknot again and give him two more Mugs.
    5. Speak to Private Rocknot again and give him two more Mugs (that's three times, six mugs).
    6. He will say "Ah, hits the spot!" and then will start walking towards the kegs.
    7. Move to the closed door and be ready. Phalanx will turn aggro as soon as Rocknot knocks the tap off of the last keg in the line.
    8. The tap will fly towards the bar door, breaking it open. Run through the door, immediately turn left and go only halfway down the ramp. Phalanx will run to the broken door and turn in to a mob, claiming property damage.
    9. The rest of the bar will not aggro if you kill Phalanx on the ramp outside. If you try to kill him in the bar, you will aggro them.
    10. Go through the door.
      WARNING : Phalanx does knock back so be sure to be in a safe position not fall down.
  2. Killing some of the patrons brings additional "security" and they open, but block the door. Killing them gives access to the areas beyond the door.

Pre-patch 4.0.3a:

  1. There was a quest before patch 4.0.3a to have Mistress Nagmara open the door:
    1. Completing the N [54D] The Love Potion quest from Mistress Nagmara. This was an extensive collection quest requiring items that did not exist inside the instance.
    2. Speak to Mistress Nagmara and she will then open the door to meet with Private Rocknot in private.
    3. Go through the door.
      Once you finished the quest offered by Mistress Nagmara, you can speak with her anytime you want and she will call Private Rocknot over, open the door and exit with Rocknot, periodically doing /kiss emotes underneath the ramp leading out of the bar. Many older characters on older realms have likely finished this quest, and if they happen to own Inv gizmo goblingtonkcontroller [Direbrew's Remote], they can port into the bar and open the door for you.


  • There was supposed to be a Shadowforge Mole Machine and the Grim Guzzler Invasion! in Zaralek Cavern.