For the Hall of Shadows NPCs, see Grim Patron (Hall of Shadows). For the friendly Blackrock Depths NPCs, see Grim Patron.
MobGrim Patron
Image of Grim Patron
Gender Both
Race Dark Iron dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 43 - 52
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Grim Guzzler, Blackrock Depths
Status Killable

Grim Patron

Grim Patrons can be found at the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths. They are initially neutral, but will become hostile (along with all other mobs in the bar) if Plugger Spazzring is killed or has  [Grim Guzzler Key] pickpocketed from him.


  • Drunken Rage
  • Kick


  • Hey Nagmara! How about a mug of Dark Iron Ale?
  • Nagmara! Have any mutton left?
  • Mistress, you tell Plugger that I want more of his ale. I can't get enough!
  • Hey Nag, how about you slice me off a piece of that...
  • Hey! What's gives?
  • No!
  • Oh, now I'm pissed!
  • You'll pay for that!
  • Ragnaros will reign supreme!
  • Have a drink, <class>. It might be your last!
  • If it weren't for the Grim Guzzler, I'd spend my free time pulling the wings off dragon whelps.
  • If it weren't for the Grim Guzzler, I'd probably spend my free time pulling the wings off dragon whelps.
  • The water elementals are at war with the fire elementals, which sort of means they're at war with us. One of their leaders, Hydraxis, is mustering agents for his cause...
  • I heard that a noble among the water elementals, Hydraxis, wages war with the servants of fire. Let's hope he loses!
  • The Waterlord Hydraxis hides off in Azshara, on an island in the Bay of Storms. What kind of threat can the fool muster from there?
  • If Hydraxis recruits more in his war, then it might shift the balance of power...


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